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The NodeXL Series: Downloading NodeXL (Part 2)

Once you’ve made sure that your computer and version of MS Office (particularly Excel) is compatible with NodeXL, you may be ready to download this free add-in.

To download the NodeXL add-in, go to the CodePlex site.  At the top right is a button that reads “download.”

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The NodeXL Series: The NodeXL Graph Gallery (Part 1)

Intro Note:  NodeXL is an add-on to later versions of Microsoft Excel (on PCs, or virtual machine-enabled Macs), which enables the visualization of data in network diagrams.  It also enables the extraction of social media platform data from spaces such as Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and in a fairly limited way, Facebook.  With additional work, this may be used to conduct analysis of email networks, wiki and blog networks, and even Internet site networks.  This series highlights some of the basic functionalities of NodeXL.

In the spirit of Web 2.0, the NodeXL team sponsors a NodeXL Graph Gallery to showcase the work of its members.  These graphs show a variety of data sets. They also suggest at a variety of types of research around social networks and electronic social networks.

At the top level of the site, 24 graphs are visible (albeit with some required scrolling).

A basic perusal of this site shows a wide range of types of network graphs.  There is pagination at the bottom to view other sets of graphs.

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