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24-hour study area reopens in Hale Library

The 24-hour study area in Hale Library reopened Monday, Sept. 13, with a new look, lots of table space, Macs, wireless access, and printing capabilities. Information Technology Services has shifted computers, and six iMacs are now in that space. Laser printing is still available, and plans are to add more walk-up stations in the mix.

6 new iMacs are now in the 24-hour study area in Hale Library

Einstein Brothers Bagels shop shares the updated space, and a grand opening is set for 9 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 15.

Reminders for January: TSC move, IT awards nominations, and more

1. Client Services (formerly the Technology Service Center) is currently moving from East Stadium to 214 Hale Library (by the IT Help Desk). Repair of personal/home computers is on hold during the move, and will resume Thursday, Jan. 14, at the new location. For details about payment methods and other changes, see the Dec. 22 news article.

2. The nomination deadline for IT awards is Monday, Jan. 18. All K-Staters can nominate IT staff for the award categories. For details, see the previous article and the IT Awards and Recognition website.

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Register for Oct. 5 IT security training event by Friday!

The deadline to sign up for next Monday’s Oct. 5 IT Security Training Event is coming. If you’ve been waiting until the last minute to sign up, this would be your time! Get more details about the Oct. 5 security event and register for the event by Friday, Oct. 2.

This free event is open to K-State faculty/staff and students, as well as IT professionals from other Regents’ institutions. Friendly, non-technical sessions this year will cover:

  • How to make your PC and home wireless network more secure
  • How computers get infected from web browsing and opening music files
  • How to keep data on your mobile device more secure
  • How to get started using IT security resources for K-Staters
  • How to travel more safely with your computer and data

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Residence-hall registration numbers: Computers, gaming devices, handhelds

At the beginning of Fall 2009, K-Staters in the residence halls and Jardine Apartments registered their personal computers, gaming devices, or wireless handheld devices to the K-State wired and wireless networks. The registration process allows residents to verify that their operating system is valid and that the K-State antivirus software is up-to-date with the latest security updates and patches. Overall, this registration helps to secure the residence-hall network against mass virus outbreaks and other security threats that directly impact academic and social computing.

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K-State bids farewell to central IBM computer mainframe

K-State’s 11-year-old mainframe now sits in the basement hallway of Hale Library, with thoughts of better days as it awaits removal to the melting pot. It was dismantled and removed from the K-State Data Center over a two-day period, July 1-2, by Computing and Telecommunications Services staff. So ends 42 years of IBM mainframes at K-State.

A glimpse of K-State's IBM mainframe as it leaves K-State
A window glimpse of K-State's central IBM mainframe sitting in Hale Library's basement hall, awaiting removal from the campus

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New Q-Center computer studio classroom in Cardwell Hall

In February, Information Technology Services staff completed the addition of technology to the new Q-Center in Cardwell Hall, Rooms 144-145. The lab officially opened Monday, April 13, during a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Q-Center ribbon-cutting ceremony April 13, 2009
Q-Center ribbon-cutting ceremony April 13, 2009 with (left to right) Dean Zollman, department head of Physics; Provost M. Duane Nellis; and Louis Pigno, department head of Math

This new lab has 20 computers with space for 60 students.  A partition in the middle of the room allows it to be divided in half so that two different classes may be held simultaneously.

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K-State computer recommendations for 2009

K-State’s computer recommendations for students buying a computer to bring to college have recently been updated with the 2009 purchasing guidelines. Intended for freshman/sophomore levels, the recommendations cover operating systems, networking, software, environmental considerations, and more. Continue reading “K-State computer recommendations for 2009”

Dell computer quotes for department purchases

This spring, IT staff from across campus worked on the annual bundled pricing of Dell computers. The team negotiated a total of five different computer packages, with two packages below $1,000. As in past years, each department is free to use the included quotes to purchase directly from Dell. Ordering instructions are at the bottom of each quote. This year’s packages and quotes are as follows:

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Tips for buying a Netbook computer

A new computer craze has been hitting the IT world over the last year. It’s called Netbooks. These tiny, ultra-portable computers are attractive for those looking for inexpensive, ultra-portable computing power. The concept appears to have evolved from the One Laptop Per Child initiative that sought to make small, portable, cheap, kid-friendly computers. A promotion during the 2007 Christmas shopping season gave one computer to a child in need and one to the purchaser for $400 total. This promotion was met with strong enthusiasm from the media and had mobile workers excited about the possibility of small, cheap computers.

The excitement turned to frenzy when Asus announced their consumer-oriented Netbook–the Eee PC. This Linux-powered computer sold for around $250 and is the catalyst for the current Netbook boom. In a span of a little over a year, we have gone from one manufacturer making Netbooks to nearly every computer manufacturer offering  some version of a Netbook. With the proliferation of the Netbook platform,  a rough guide to help with the quest for that perfect Netbook is provided below.

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Q/A: What computers are students bringing to campus?

Does K-State know what types of computers students are bringing to campus?

No data is available on computer types, but we do know the operating systems used by students who moved into the residence halls and Jardine Apartments.  The computers brought to campus had these operating systems:

  • 2,464 Windows Vista
  • 1,549 Windows XP
  • 915 Macs
  • 18 Linux
  • 8 WIndows 2000