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Computing questions posed at New Student Orientation and Enrollment

During New Student Orientation and Enrollment, iTAC provides an introduction to computing resources at K-State. The presentation includes a short video developed by the Educational Communciations Center followed by a Question and Answer session. Some of the questions that attendees have posed about computing at K-State are:

1) How does my student access the Internet in the residence halls.

Students access the Internet by first completing the Network Access registration process, which will be available in mid-July. Once the process is complete, students are able to sign in and use wired and wireless connectivity in the residence halls.

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Enrollment questions simplified with online chart

During fall 2008 term, there was confusion surrounding access and enrollment in courses, especially if it was an evening or nonstandard course, or a course offered through the Division of Continuing Education. In efforts to recruit and retain students, the offices of the Registrar, Graduate School, Division of Continuing Education, and Information Technology Services are collaborating to simplify the process. The offices have created the Questions & Answers for Assisting Students with Enrollment chart (PDF) to help offices across campus know where to direct students when they call asking for assistance.

Advisor holds on students enrolling for spring semester

The Cashiers section of the Controller’s Office is receiving a large number of inquiries from unhappy students who have been referred to them to clear holds on their records in order for the students to enroll for the spring term. However, the majority of the inquiring students do not have Cashiers holds but other holds — predominantly Advisor Holds and Advisor Survey Holds.

Students may view their holds by following the View Holds instructions in iSIS Help, and will then be able to determine the appropriate action to take. Continue reading “Advisor holds on students enrolling for spring semester”