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Information for students, employees leaving K-State

Students (including graduates) and faculty/staff who are leaving the university permanently should check out the Preparing to Leave K-State webpage, which includes:

  • How to forward your e-mail and update your e-communications
  • The importance of copying files, e-mail, etc. before those are erased
  • The need to remove K-State’s antivirus and other software obtained via a university site license or volume-purchase agreement
  • Other essential steps to do BEFORE you lose access to K-State resources

When an individual’s K-State affiliation ends, they will be notified and given two weeks to copy files, e-mail, and personal webpages. After that, a $50 fee is assessed for temporary access to personal files. Continue reading “Information for students, employees leaving K-State”

Emergency contact, current contact info required for students

Beginning with the spring 2011 password-change timeframe (Jan. 1-Feb. 9), students will be required to have an emergency contact person on record with K-State and to confirm their contact information three times per year.

“This will ensure that we have the most current contact information for our students, including local and permanent address, phone numbers, and how to get in touch with the student’s emergency contact persons,” said Heather Reed, associate dean and director of the Office of Student Life. “In the event of an emergency, we need to be able to get in touch with the student’s chosen emergency-contact persons as soon as possible.”

Continue reading “Emergency contact, current contact info required for students”

eID registration simplified; new help site available

New K-State students, employees, and others should now have an easier time registering for a K-State eID through eProfile. The registration process has been streamlined and has several advantages:

  • Fewer steps to complete
  • When choosing an eID, the person can pick from several options based on their name or enter their own cpassword checkerustom eID.
  • Passwords are checked against K-State security requirements as they are typed. A red “X” is displayed until the password meets security requirements; then a green “OK” is displayed. Continue reading “eID registration simplified; new help site available”