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Newsletter updates: Full-text issue, plus archived “view by issue”

While the current version of InfoTech Tuesday offers a wide range of features not possible on the previous platform, updates are still being made to the site to make it a more user-friendly vehicle for technology news at K-State. In this vein, a couple of improvements have been made to the site:

  1. An improved archives that allows “viewing by issue”.
  2. A new “full-text version” that allows readers to read an entire issue all on one webpage.

Improved archives with “viewing by issue

Long a desired feature, an improved archives section has always been on the list of things to update. In the past, the only way to view archives was on an article-by-article basis. So, when looking chronologically at the archives, it was possible to view a listing of all articles in a given year or month. However, since InfoTech Tuesday is published on a “weekly issue” basis, the previous archives did not reflect this structure and allow for the browsing of articles on an issue-by-issue basis.

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