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Technology outage result of network traffic

By Information Technology Services

At 4:34 a.m. Friday, K-State began experiencing intermittent problems connecting to various systems in the data center. Information Technology Services staff along with our vendor partner, Cisco, began investigating immediately. While most K-Staters continued to have email access, other systems such as K-State Online Classic and Canvas, the K-State Web pages and some administrative systems were unavailable.  Continue reading “Technology outage result of network traffic”

Apple OS X Mountain Lion Calendar app compatibility issues, workaround with Zimbra

iTAC staff and others on campus found a compatibility issue with the native Apple OS X Mountain Lion Calendar app and Zimbra. When you try to add or update appointments using the Calendar app, you get an error and it will not sync the appointment to Zimbra. When you click the revert-to-server button on the error, it deletes the appointments.

Continue reading “Apple OS X Mountain Lion Calendar app compatibility issues, workaround with Zimbra”

Zimbra update: New features; remaining email/calendar issues

K-State’s upgrade to Zimbra 7 on Nov. 20 resulted in many K-Staters experiencing infrequent interruptions and functionality issues with webmail, certain email clients, and mobile devices. The university continues to work with the off-site service provider to restore stability and functionality to the Zimbra system. See “Current issues and fixes being addressed” below.

UPDATE Tuesday, Dec. 6: On the evening of Dec 5, email became very unstable and K-Staters were randomly unable to access email due to a corrupt database. At the service provider’s recommendation, the system was taken down at 6:30 p.m. to work on stabilizing the system. The outage continued through the evening with intermittent access.

On a happier note, the new webpage What’s new in K-State Zimbra spotlights email and calendar enhancements from the upgrade, including these:

New email features

  • Recover deleted items from your Trash
  • Global Address List (GAL) contains contact info
  • Select and add multiple attachments
  • Find emails by searching senders or recipients

New calendar features

  • Calendar scheduling wizard
  • Multiple appointments open at same time
  • Save an appointment without sending an invitation
  • Create a copy of a meeting
  • Set your personal availability hours

Current issues and fixes being addressed

  1. Icons look funny or are incorrect using webmail in Internet Explorer. K-Staters should consider switching to a different browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari for the interim. Or use Mail Classic, which may have some reduced functionality but icons will display properly. (In webmail, click Mail Classic at top right. To get this setting every time at log-in, click the Options tab, and in the General section set Login to Standard HTML.)  A trial instance of Zimbra will be available later today (Dec. 5) to test a more modern skin that should support Internet Explorer better.
  2. Global Access List (GAL) is working intermittently. K-State is working with Zimbra on a resolution.
  3. Email search function is working intermittently. K-State is working with Zimbra on a resolution.
  4. Signature is not appended to a message when an email is replied to or forwarded. From webmail, click the Options tab, and then the Signatures option at left. Highlight the desired signature and then click Save to verify it.
  5. Calendar functional issues. K-State is actively investigating reported calendar issues.

Please continue to provide feedback to the IT Help Desk (785-532-7722; helpdesk@k-state.edu, servicedesk.ksu.edu). Information Technology Services apologizes for this inconvenience, and we are working toward a permanent fix for all issues.

K-State Zimbra transition issues (e-mail, calendar)

Like many K-Staters, you may be experiencing issues with K-State Zimbra.  Information Technology Services (ITS) understands your concerns and is doing everything possible to resolve them as quickly as we can.

The reason for the recent issues is because Yahoo, who hosts K-State Zimbra, informed us they were no longer supporting Zimbra and we must switch to another provider by April 30.

We originally planned to make the change over spring break, but learned this would result in the loss of e-mail services for a week. The alternative chosen was  a rolling switch, so the 40,000 K-Staters would be able to maintain access to their e-mail and calendars during the transition. Carefully considering the academic calendar and summer and fall enrollment schedules, ITS and the campus steering committee planned this transition to start Monday, April 19, and be completed by Sunday, April 25.

We are currently in the final phases of the migration, which has taken longer than planned. While this process is finishing, you may experience:

E-mail outage on campus today

This morning, Tuesday, April 20, K-State experienced a disruption in e-mail service that prevented K-State faculty, staff, and students from accessing their e-mail. Personnel from K-State Information Technology Services worked closely with engineers and technical staff from Zimbra to identify and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

While access to e-mail was disrupted, no e-mail or data was lost. ITS apologizes for the inconvenience this created for the campus community. This disruption also affected student e-mail access and may require accommodation from faculty as appropriate.

The Status: ITS Resources link has been added to the K-State homepage so K-Staters can be quickly informed about outages.

Modular Messaging updates occurred Monday, April 12

Avaya representatives were on campus Monday evening, April 12, working on the Modular Messaging voicemail system to correct problems. The system was up and down throughout the evening, and users may have noticed some uncharacteristic behavior of voicemail during this time period.  A few server issues remain and are currently being addressed. ITS staff apologizes for the inconvenience.

Q/A: Is your grade roster missing in iSIS?

When I sign in to iSIS to enter final grades, the Grade Roster for my class is missing. Why? How do I get access to it?

If you cannot see the Grade Roster or the Class Roster for a class you are teaching, you should contact the Class Scheduler in your college, department, or dean’s office to be added to the class section as a grader or a grade approver. Continue reading “Q/A: Is your grade roster missing in iSIS?”

Q/A: Downloading Flash players on a Mac?

Could you address the problems associated with downloading Flash players on Macs?  I cannot get an install to complete when I try to do it on my home computer.  In the past I have had to remove all plug-ins and start over, but should this happen every time I upgrade the flash player?


This is really a two step question, depending on the error message. The first potential problem could arise with not having the latest version of Flash Player.

  1. To check your current version of Flash Player visit: http://www.adobe.com/products/flash/about/ – the latest version is
  2. If you have an outdated version download the latest version: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/
  3. In addition to the latest version of the Flash Player, problems can arise by not having the latest version of your browser. Check to make sure you have Safari and/or Firefox updated to the latest versions. Firefox: Help > Check for Updates, Safari: Apple > Software Update…

Continue reading “Q/A: Downloading Flash players on a Mac?”

Hotmail blocks cause delays in delivery of K-State e-mail

Hotmail has blocked all K-State e-mail at least four times in the past month. K-Staters who are forwarding their e-mail to Hotmail accounts can be experiencing delivery delays up to 72 hours at a time.  This typically happens when 1) K-Staters set their e-mail to forward to a Hotmail account, and 2) mark some of that e-mail as “spam” when viewing it in Hotmail.  Then 3) Hotmail starts thinking K-State is sending spam, and 4) starts blocking all e-mail from everyone at K-State.  A new webpage provides an overview of the problem and what K-Staters can do to help. Continue reading “Hotmail blocks cause delays in delivery of K-State e-mail”

Current K-State Online user issues

A few known issues in K-State Online are currently being addressed. Content that requires an external program for viewing (examples include .pdf, .mov) is opening within a very small frame, making it difficult to view. A fix will be put into place allowing this content to be opened in a new window, eliminating any current display issues and making it easier for users to interact with these files.

Existing File Dropboxes and Information and Archives folders were moved under Content in Manage Files for consistency across all courses and may be currently unpublished in courses. Faculty who wish to continue using these, please check the Manage Files tool and publish them so they are accessible to students. See the Aug. 12 article, Where is my K-State Online File Dropbox?

K-State Online recommends all users update to the Internet Explorer 7 web browser. See the related article in this issue.