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Technology outage result of network traffic

By Information Technology Services

At 4:34 a.m. Friday, K-State began experiencing intermittent problems connecting to various systems in the data center. Information Technology Services staff along with our vendor partner, Cisco, began investigating immediately. While most K-Staters continued to have email access, other systems such as K-State Online Classic and Canvas, the K-State Web pages and some administrative systems were unavailable.  Continue reading “Technology outage result of network traffic”

Modular Messaging updates occurred Monday, April 12

Avaya representatives were on campus Monday evening, April 12, working on the Modular Messaging voicemail system to correct problems. The system was up and down throughout the evening, and users may have noticed some uncharacteristic behavior of voicemail during this time period.  A few server issues remain and are currently being addressed. ITS staff apologizes for the inconvenience.

Q/A: Is your grade roster missing in iSIS?

When I sign in to iSIS to enter final grades, the Grade Roster for my class is missing. Why? How do I get access to it?

If you cannot see the Grade Roster or the Class Roster for a class you are teaching, you should contact the Class Scheduler in your college, department, or dean’s office to be added to the class section as a grader or a grade approver. Continue reading “Q/A: Is your grade roster missing in iSIS?”

Q/A: Downloading Flash players on a Mac?

Could you address the problems associated with downloading Flash players on Macs?  I cannot get an install to complete when I try to do it on my home computer.  In the past I have had to remove all plug-ins and start over, but should this happen every time I upgrade the flash player?


This is really a two step question, depending on the error message. The first potential problem could arise with not having the latest version of Flash Player.

  1. To check your current version of Flash Player visit: http://www.adobe.com/products/flash/about/ – the latest version is
  2. If you have an outdated version download the latest version: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/
  3. In addition to the latest version of the Flash Player, problems can arise by not having the latest version of your browser. Check to make sure you have Safari and/or Firefox updated to the latest versions. Firefox: Help > Check for Updates, Safari: Apple > Software Update…

Continue reading “Q/A: Downloading Flash players on a Mac?”

Current K-State Online user issues

A few known issues in K-State Online are currently being addressed. Content that requires an external program for viewing (examples include .pdf, .mov) is opening within a very small frame, making it difficult to view. A fix will be put into place allowing this content to be opened in a new window, eliminating any current display issues and making it easier for users to interact with these files.

Existing File Dropboxes and Information and Archives folders were moved under Content in Manage Files for consistency across all courses and may be currently unpublished in courses. Faculty who wish to continue using these, please check the Manage Files tool and publish them so they are accessible to students. See the Aug. 12 article, Where is my K-State Online File Dropbox?

K-State Online recommends all users update to the Internet Explorer 7 web browser. See the related article in this issue.