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Are you receiving reminders about changing your eID password?

By Information Technology Services

If you are receiving a reminder to change your eID password, that means your 180-day password cycle is almost up. To keep your personal information safe, your eID password expires every 180 days. To change your password, click the “Manage password” link when you sign in to ConnectContinue reading “Are you receiving reminders about changing your eID password?”

eID rolling passwords for faculty/staff

By Information Technology Services

No campuswide password-change period

As you prepare for the students to return to campus to start the new semester, you might think that it is time for the campuswide password change period. However, K-State has transitioned from set password-change periods to individual password expirations.

K-State eID passwords will now need to be changed every 180 days. This enhancement is designed to distribute the password expirations throughout the year, as opposed to the set times we had in the past.  Continue reading “eID rolling passwords for faculty/staff”

New device simplifies secure disposal of computer hard drives, tapes

K-State recently purchased a device that simplifies the proper disposal of magnetic storage media such as computer hard drives, tapes, and floppy disks. The device is a Garner HDTD-8800 DeGausser, for those who care about such details, which is basically a very strong magnet that scrambles data on the storage media in a manner that prevents recovery of the data. Located in K-State’s Recycling Center behind Weber Hall, Facilities staff now process all hard disks, tapes, and floppy disks with the degausser before disposal.

Continue reading “New device simplifies secure disposal of computer hard drives, tapes”