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Change to K-State’s LISTSERV whitelisting policy

by Information Technology Services

To help ensure proper delivery of emails to your K-State Inbox, Information Technology Services (ITS) maintains an Approved or Safe Sender whitelist. A whitelist is a list of email addresses, domains, and IP addresses which will not be blocked by K-State’s spam filters.

Whitelisting introduces additional cybersecurity risks. Spammers take advantage of whitelisting which makes our K-State inboxes more susceptible to spam, phishing scams, and viruses. Spammers create spoofed emails from whitelisted email addresses, domains, and IP addresses, which will make their way to your Inbox. When you click on the spoofed emails and links, you will unknowingly expose the K-State network to viruses and harm.

Previously, email from K-State LISTSERV lists were whitelisted. Now, LISTSERV emails will go through the Spam check in Office 365, and will not be whitelisted. ITS will only whitelist emails that have a business need. The goal is to reduce K-State’s exposure to spam and allow the spam protections in Office 365 to do their job.

The whitelisting change will go into effect Oct. 2. After this date, periodically check your Junk Email folder to make sure you are not losing important, safe emails. If you are losing important emails, fill out this form to request a global settings change that will move those emails into your Inbox instead. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis for approval.

If you have questions, contact Greg Dressman, director of Enterprise Server Technologies, dressman@ksu.edu.

Q/A: How to sign off of LISTSERV mailing lists?

How can I unsubscribe from various K-State LISTSERV mailing lists?

The short answer is to go to K-State’s LISTSERV interface at listserv.k-state.edu/web, sign in, select the list you want to leave, and click the Leave button to unsubscribe from that list.

The long explanation

To access all your LISTSERV subscriptions, go to K-State’s LISTSERV interface at listserv.k-state.edu/web and click Subscribers Corner in the left menu, then sign in using your e-mail address and your LISTSERV password. There you can: Continue reading “Q/A: How to sign off of LISTSERV mailing lists?”

New “Shutoffs” mailing list for campus service notifications

Currently, service-interruption notifications (such as electrical or steam outages) are communicated to the campus community through nearly 100 distribution lists created in WebMail.  Maintaining these lists is inefficient and cumbersome and with the migration of the campus to e-mail provided via Zimbra, this is an opportune time to rethink how Facilities communicates these types of outages to campus.

Therefore, effective May 26, service-interruption notifications will be communicated to all faculty/staff through a LISTSERV mailing list identified as “Shutoffs” with auto-updates on the list of subscribers. Continue reading “New “Shutoffs” mailing list for campus service notifications”

Zimbra Weekly: E-mail contact groups and LISTSERV

Note: This weekly post serves to detail Zimbra features; update the K-State community with new project information; and answer questions submitted via InfoTech Tuesday and the K-State Zimbra website.

If you often e-mail a set group of individuals, but don’t necessarily need all the functionality of a LISTSERV mailing list, you can create a contact group using the K-State Zimbra web client.

The contact-group-list feature allows you to create contact lists that contain multiple e-mail addresses.  When you select a group-contact name, everyone whose address is included in the group list is automatically added to the address field of the message.  You can easily create group lists from contacts in your address book, entering a new e-mail address not in your address book, and by searching the Global Address List for K-Staters. Continue reading “Zimbra Weekly: E-mail contact groups and LISTSERV”

Q/A: Video conferencing and LISTSERV

Every week, readers send questions to TellTuesday@k-state.edu, the IT newsletter’s input channel. From time to time, questions (paraphrased) and answers will be shared that relate to a broad range of K-Staters.

Q: We are planning for a conference to be held at K-State. Who do I ask about video conferencing capabilities?

A: Contact the Video/Audio Conferencing service at 785-532-5995 or


Continue reading “Q/A: Video conferencing and LISTSERV”