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Save/access your files in one place with Office Live Workspace

Do you struggle with finding a central location where you can access all of your files when you need them? You might have a laptop,  a desktop computer, and a home computer and are always finding that you have saved a file on another device.  One solution is to use Office Live Workspace so you can save your files in one location and then access your files no matter which device you are using.

Office Casual: How I use Office Live Workspace

See Microsoft’s Office Live Workspace to learn more.

Licenses still available for Microsoft Office online training

There are still plenty of licenses available for the Microsoft Office online training purchased by Information Technology Services earlier this year. The tutorials are free for all K-State faculty and staff, but registration is required for access, so a license can be assigned to each user. Continue reading “Licenses still available for Microsoft Office online training”

Microsoft Office online training for 2003, 2007, Mac 2004

Information Technology Services has recently purchased Microsoft Office online training for Office 2003 and 2007 (PCs) and 2004 for Macs. The training includes self-paced courses as well as online technical references on a wide variety of topics. We are first offering access to the training to K-State faculty and staff on a first-come, first-served basis. The tutorials are free but registration is required for access.

Note: There are a limited number of licenses. Account activity will be monitored, and accounts that are not being used will be reassigned, so only request access if you intend to use the training.

Using custom fonts with PowerPoint 2007

Using custom fonts in your PowerPoint presentations can give them originality over using the standard fonts that come with Microsoft Office and Windows. However, if the computer you’re going to be displaying your presentation on does not have the same fonts installed, they will be converted to a standard font or may not display properly. By embedding the font using the following steps, your presentation will display as you intended no matter what computer is used, as long as it’s running Windows and PowerPoint. Continue reading “Using custom fonts with PowerPoint 2007”