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Webinar April 14: Best practices in Windows operating systems imaging

On Thursday, April 14, Dell will be sponsoring a webinar discussing the best practices for imaging computers running Windows. Those interested can register themselves or can join  iTAC staff members at 1 p.m. in Hale 301 for the presentation.

According to promotional information from Dell, “You are invited to an exclusive educational webinar available only to Dell customers, where we will describe some of the best practices we have learned in the 15+ years we have been helping customers build and deploy images.”

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Reminder: Windows XP (SP2) and 2000 support ends July 13

Starting July 13, K-State will not allow any Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) operating system or older on the K-State network, which includes the wired and wireless networks on campus, the residence halls, and dial-up and VPN connections to the campus network from off-campus. This action is due to Microsoft discontinuing support of older systems July 13, meaning security updates will no longer be available for those systems.

However, Windows XP users can upgrade to Service Pack 3 (SP3) to retain access to the campus network.

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Trend Micro antivirus updates coming Wednesday, Nov. 11

As reported last week, updates to K-State’s antivirus software for Windows and Mac computers will be available this week, but the date has been pushed back to Wednesday, Nov. 11.

For computers running Microsoft Windows, the upgrade from Trend Micro OfficeScan 8 to OfficeScan 10 will be pushed out from the server and installed automatically.  This process will begin Wednesday, Nov. 11, for all computers that use the central IT Trend Micro service, which includes student computers in the residence halls. Colleges and departments running their own Trend Micro server will not necessarily follow the same schedule, so check with your IT support staff.

When the installation is complete, users will be prompted to reboot their computer, with a message similar to this in the lower right corner of their screen:

TMOS reboot pop-up-small

Users should reboot their computer as soon as possible, since their computer will not have antivirus protection until after the reboot.

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Q/A: Windows 7 purchasing options, cost, security, etc.

Q. I heard Microsoft released the Windows 7 operating system Oct. 22. When will it be available for individual purchase?

Microsoft is expected to make the Windows 7 software available mid-November at the earliest for academic/educational purchasing, said Chris Loehr, manager of the K-State Student Union Computer Store. He said there are a few points that K-Staters should note:

  1. Academic versions of Windows 7, unlike previous Microsoft products, will only be available to people at schools that have a student-licensing agreement, which K-State has.  Any K-State student or employee with a valid K-State eID can get the educational discount. (Those at other educational institutions without the licensing agreement cannot purchase the software through K-State.)
  2. K-Staters who wish to purchase Windows 7 at the academic/education price must present a current, valid K-State ID.
  3. Departmental purchases of Windows 7 should be done through the university contract with SHI (see the “Software, Large Acc Reseller” contract #07359 link on the K-State Purchasing Contracts webpage) .

Q. What Windows 7 versions are available?

There are three for individuals — Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate. See Microsoft’s Windows 7 comparison chart for details.

The SHI contract for departments has Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate.

Q. How much will Windows 7 cost?

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