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IDT Roundtable Feb. 16: Creating Your First Mobile App

Mobile apps are everywhere! Come join Ben Ward 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 16, in  Room 212 of the K-State Student Union as we take a running tour of the differences between types of mobile apps, devices, and what you can do with them to draw them into your classroom. We’ll also explore how to build your first, simple, web-based app and use K-State Online to share it with your students. Don’t worry, no programming required. Novices welcome!

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Windows Phone mobile-apps resources, higher-ed student contest

Editor’s note:  The following information has been excerpted and modified from an email announcement received recently at K-State from Joan Bruns, Microsoft account manager in the Kansas City area, and other Microsoft emails.

Microsoft has heard from many of its faculty partners that mobile application development is being featured in more classes, with some doing entire courses and others adding modules. Faculty who are doing mobile development in any courses may contact Joan Bruns (913-940-6003, joanbr@microsoft.com) about how Windows Phone might fit in.

Windows Phone resources 

  • Find Your Colony (www.findyourcolony.com) has getting-started resources for Windows Phone development, tips on building better experiences, and more.
  • App Hub (create.msdn.com) has free developer tools for Windows Phone, code samples, documentation, and community support forums.
  • Dreamspark (www.dreamspark.com) gives students access to professional developer tools free of charge.

“Big App on Campus” contest for college students (age 18+)

Microsoft’s contest is going on right now for U.S. college/university students to create a mobile app and win two $15,000 prizes.  In addition, 10 student finalists (and guests) will attend the national SXSW event March 13-18, 2012, in Austin, TX.  Contest deadline is Feb. 14, 2012 (apps must be published to marketplace and all entry forms completed).

For details, free tools, rules, how to enter, and other deadlines, see the overview blog post “Do You Have What it Takes to be the Big App on Campus?” and use the free resources listed above.

Numerous iPad tools shown at November roundtable + user group meeting

For those who missed the All about iPads: IDT Roundtable + iPad user meeting Nov. 15, video recordings of the event (4 segments, 30 minutes each) are now on the IDT Roundtable’s iPad for Beginners webpage.  Presentations included many iPad apps, tools, and processes listed below, interspersed with questions/answers and discussion by the 60 K-Staters who attended.

The K-State iPad User Group recently created by Mary Hammel, College of Education, is another resource for learning and sharing about iPads, apps, accessories, and issues.

Presentation tools  

  • Doceri (remote, no-wire access to other software on a computer in same room); free app for iPad, but $50 software required on PC or Mac
  • Splashtop (remote communications tool to control computer and do work); if have access to a PC/Mac, can use any software on it and don’t need to buy for iPad

Productivity apps (in iWorks) 

  • Pages (word processing)
  • Keynote (presentations)
  • Numbers (spreadsheet)

Note-taking apps

  • Penultimate (write notes, doodle, draw, add pics, annotate; send to self as PDF)
  • WritePad (hand-write in bottom area; converts to text above)
  • Note Taker HD (similar to WritePad’s top/bottom format)
  • AudioNote (keeps a parallel audio file in sequence with written notes)
  • Dragon Dictation (speech to text)


  • Skype (one-to-one conferencing)
  • Polycom (videoconferencing with multiple people)
  • Adobe Connect (similar to Polycom; up to 250 people)

Securing your iPad

  • Find my iPad (a way to register iPhone, iPad, etc. in iCloud so can find later)
  • Ability to lock your device
  • Ability to wipe all data on your device

iCloud features

  • 5 gigabytes free storage; requires iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion, Windows Vista/7
  • Sync (contacts, reminders, mail, notes, etc.)
  • Photo stream (copy 1,000 photos from last 30 days to your iPad)
  • Find my iDevice
  • Limited security; limited PC integration

Other apps, processes, resources 

  • Good Reader (easy app to move lots of files to iPad)
  • iPad 2 mirroring (only works with Apple TV)
  • Apple TV  (really a connector and projection tool for iPad)
  • “Assistive touch” feature on iPad
  • Backups
  • eBooks (using Pages on a Mac);
  • iBooks bookshelf app
  • Free storage spaces:  Dropbox; Evernote; and K-State Zimbra’s “Briefcase”

iPad user group meeting Dec. 13: iCloud, holiday apps/ideas

iPad user group icon All campus iPad users are invited to attend the next meeting of the area user group noon-1 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011 in Bluemont Hall Room 21.  On the agenda this month: 

iCloud and Holiday Apps/Ideas: We will discuss the new iCloud feature of iOS 5 and how to use it effectively. There will be a demonstration of some holiday apps, including books, activities, and making holiday cards. Please bring any questions you may have about your iPad and share your favorite apps with the group!

Tech tip: Free dotEPUB converts any webpage into an e-book

logo for dotEPUB websitedotEPUB  is “software in the cloud” that avid readers will appreciate.  Eric Dover, Client Services manager in iTAC, recommended this free tool for K-Staters who like to save complete webpages for offline reading later — such as extensive articles, news stories, long blogs, and more.

But it’s not an add-on or an app.  This nebulous tool is a bookmarklet for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera web browsers. (Chrome users can opt to download the dotEPUB extension from the Chrome store instead.)

Once content is downloaded, it can be viewed by any epub-compatible device, including  Kindle and other e-readers, desktop computers, tablets, the iPhone and other smartphones, iPod touch, iPads, and more.

  1. (iPad users:  First get the free iBooks app or another e-reader, so you have a place to store downloaded content.)
  2. Everyone: Go to the dotepub.com website.
  3. The default is NOT to include images and links on webpages.  If you want to see pictures and follow links to websites, uncheck the box “Immersive mode (no links or images)”.
  4. Follow the instructions for your particular e-device, such as drag-and-drop the “dot E PUB” logo (most web browsers); copy-and-paste the supplied Javascript code (iPads); and so forth.

For more information, visit the dotepub.com website and watch the 2-minute dotEPUB video on YouTube.

iPad user group meeting Tuesday, June 14: Photo apps

We invite all iPad users and those who are interested in seeing what iPads are all about to come and share at the next meeting, noon-1 p.m. Tuesday, June 14, in Bluemont 16A, focusing on photo-related apps. Bring your iPad questions and share your favorite apps!

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$30 off iPads til Dec. 18 at Union Computer Store

(Editor’s note: Correction made 11 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 8, to reflect that the store’s e-mail was sent to “graduating seniors” instead of “graduate students”.)

The Union Computer Store e-mailed faculty/staff and graduating seniors the evening of Friday, Dec. 3, to offer a $30 savings on Apple iPad purchases (regularly $499-$829). Other perks include 10 percent off any iPad accessories purchased at the same time and double reward points on your Varney’s Rewards Card. The special offer started Monday, Dec. 6, and ends Saturday, Dec. 18. Buyers must show a current educational ID at the time of purchase.

The $30 savings applies to all six versions of the iPad (16GB, 32GB, and 64GB Wi-Fi-only models and 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G network access). The sale is on a “while supplies last” basis, said Chris Loehr, computer store manager.

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iPad video online; iPad User Group meets Nov. 9

Six million iPads have been sold in the past six months, said Dennis Devenney at the Oct. 7 iPad presentation at TechBytes. K-Staters interested in learning more about Apple’s popular iPad can now view the iPad video presentation (76 minutes), where Devenney covers:

  • iPad setups, features, and security
  • Social aspects (is it a fad? Apple and Google are betting “no”)
  • Comparisons with similar technology now on the market (or coming soon)
  • Applications and productivity tools
  • Initial costs and recommended peripherals
  • How the iPad fits in education

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TechBytes Oct. 21: Mobile Devices

Thomas Kuhn will present “Mobile Devices” at 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 21, in 401B Hale Library. This session will give an overview of the best features of various mobile devices such as BlackBerry, Droid, and the iPhone.

TechBytes seminars are free and open to the K-State community. The series is also video-streamed live for off-campus viewers and others who wish to view it from their desktop. Use the View live video link on the TechBytes homepage to watch the next live video as it’s being recorded.