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New ad-privacy control in iOS 6; how to limit ad tracking

With the introduction of iOS 6 by Apple, Apple has changed the way that application developers and advertisers within apps are able to target ads and track usage. Previously, Apple allowed developers access to a hardware-based ID number to allow such tracking ability, but they have moved to a software-based system in iOS.

Apple is allowing users to turn off such targeted tracking with a “Limit Ad Tracking” feature, but they make it difficult to find. Continue reading “New ad-privacy control in iOS 6; how to limit ad tracking”

University Shred Day on Oct. 19

K-State is planning a University Shred Day for university paper records 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.¬†Tuesday, Oct. 19. Departments will be asked to place their paper documents with personal identity information (Social Security numbers, birth dates, credit card numbers, etc.) ¬†in designated bags to be delivered to one of two trucks located on campus. If departments can’t bring their documents, iTAC staff will be available for pickup. Please do not leave bags for shredding unattended in the hallways.

Documents to shred include Scantron forms; greenbar grade sheets; rosters printed from K-State Online, iSIS, SIS, etc.; student papers with personal identity information and grades; data with credit card information; personnel files; and more.

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Firefox 3.5 released with great speed improvements

Last week, Mozilla Corp. released Firefox 3.5, the next iteration of the Firefox web browser.Visually, Firefox 3.5 is practically identical to Firefox 3. The majority of the changes are behind-the-scenes.

Firefox 3.5’s biggest improvement is speed. Javascript execution (which virtually every website uses) is now two times faster than Firefox 3 and ten times faster than Firefox 2. Mozilla also added support for the upcoming HTML 5 standard including open audio and video.

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