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SPSS software pricing going up

IBM SPSS pricing is going up Sept. 28. While this will not impact the campus SPSS-PC license renewal costs this year, it does impact purchases of add-ons made after that time.

Faculty/staff and departments that are considering adding SPSS AMOS, Data Entry, Data Collection, Exact Tests, and so forth should contact Kathy Leonard (kantink@k-state.edu, 785-532-4926) no later than Sept. 23 to take advantage of current pricing.

K-State computer recommendations for 2010-2011

K-State’s computer recommendations for students buying a computer to bring to college have recently been updated with the 2010-2011 purchasing guidelines. Intended for freshman/sophomore levels, the recommendations cover operating systems, networking, software, environmental considerations, and more.

The updated website also:

See the K-State 2010-2011 computer recommendations website for more information.

Adobe contract negotiations under way

The university’s contract with Adobe Systems expires Friday, April 30. Negotiations are under way but are unlikely to be completed until early May.

SHI, our large account reseller for Adobe products, is aware of the situation, and beginning May 1, they will hold Adobe orders until the new contract is completed.

Contact Kathy Leonard (kantink@k-state.edu, 785-532-4926) if you have questions about the contract status. Contact the Purchasing Office  (785-532-6412) if you have specific purchasing questions.

Spotlight: Black Friday shopping tips

Retailers offer large discounts on Black Friday (the big shopping day after Thanksgiving). Many of them also post their ads online beforehand, so you can do your research and find the best deals. Checking things out online will also help in planning where to go first, for those brave souls that are out and about at 5 a.m. hitting all of the sales.

Also, don’t forget about Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving). [Editor’s note: See the Cyber Monday article in this issue.] Some sites offer deals that are even better than the ones on Black Friday. Shopping online also provides the luxury of not waiting in line at department stores and fighting massive crowds. Continue reading “Spotlight: Black Friday shopping tips”

Q/A: Windows 7 purchasing options, cost, security, etc.

Q. I heard Microsoft released the Windows 7 operating system Oct. 22. When will it be available for individual purchase?

Microsoft is expected to make the Windows 7 software available mid-November at the earliest for academic/educational purchasing, said Chris Loehr, manager of the K-State Student Union Computer Store. He said there are a few points that K-Staters should note:

  1. Academic versions of Windows 7, unlike previous Microsoft products, will only be available to people at schools that have a student-licensing agreement, which K-State has.  Any K-State student or employee with a valid K-State eID can get the educational discount. (Those at other educational institutions without the licensing agreement cannot purchase the software through K-State.)
  2. K-Staters who wish to purchase Windows 7 at the academic/education price must present a current, valid K-State ID.
  3. Departmental purchases of Windows 7 should be done through the university contract with SHI (see the “Software, Large Acc Reseller” contract #07359 link on the K-State Purchasing Contracts webpage) .

Q. What Windows 7 versions are available?

There are three for individuals — Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate. See Microsoft’s Windows 7 comparison chart for details.

The SHI contract for departments has Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate.

Q. How much will Windows 7 cost?

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Departments: Dell discount pricing via bulk-purchase initiative

This year, Information Technology Services has negotiated low-cost computers from Dell as part of the bulk-purchase initiative that is conducted twice a year. We are pleased to be able to provide one desktop, one laptop, and two monitor options at aggressive pricing.

As in past years, each department will be able to order the computers directly through Dell using the provided quotes. The following is a breakdown of the specs:

Desktop for $538.00 (Quote_513513540 in PDF format)

  • Processor – Core 2 Duo E7500/2.93GHz, 3M, 1066MHz, FSB
  • Memory – 4GB, Non-ECC, 800MHz DDR2, 2x2GB
  • Video Card – Integrated Video, GMA3100
  • Hard Drive – 160GB SATA 3.0GB/s and 8MB Data Burst Cache
  • Optical Drive – 16X DVD+/-RW SATA
  • Monitor  – None Included
  • Warranty – 4-Year Next Business Day Parts and Labor Onsite

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Dell computer quotes for department purchases

This spring, IT staff from across campus worked on the annual bundled pricing of Dell computers. The team negotiated a total of five different computer packages, with two packages below $1,000. As in past years, each department is free to use the included quotes to purchase directly from Dell. Ordering instructions are at the bottom of each quote. This year’s packages and quotes are as follows:

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