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Free tool: Quora (something more than a search engine)

Quora is NOT the next great search engine. Although at first glance you might think that is exactly what it is. No, instead, Quora is an attempt to fill in all the spaces left untouched by Wikipedia. Founded by former Facebook engineers Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever, Quora seeks to tie a question-and-answer format to the social framework of the Web.

Joining Quora is as easy as logging in to Facebook or Twitter. In fact, signing in to Quora immediately links these accounts together with your Quora account.

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Mac computer help, training, and more

Looking to buy a new Mac? Need help making the switch? No worries, your Apple campus student rep is available 9 a.m.-noon every Wednesday in the Union Computer Store through May 11.

If you have more questions or would like to set up a 1-to-1 training, e-mail him at travisheideman@apple.com.

by Travis Heideman, K-State’s Apple campus student representative

Q/A: Cellphone discounts for state employees?

I want to get a new personal cellphone and am looking at various models. 1) Is it true that State of Kansas employees can get discounts on their monthly personal cellphone plans? 2) What cellphones sync with K-State’s Zimbra calendar?

1. Cellphone discounts for State of Kansas employees. 
Some cellphone providers do offer discounts for state employees. See the State Thanks And Recognition (STAR) program (at www.da.ks.gov/star) and, in particular, the cellphone discounts that can include:

  • Monthly phone plan discounts of 15 percent or more
  • Discounts on cellphones and accessories
  • Reduced or waived activation fees

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Q/A: Parents' IT questions at New Student Orientation

Q. My student just got their eID. How soon will it be activated?
Almost immediately.

Q. How many students are using laptops in classes?

  • In the residence halls, about 98 percent of students have laptops.
  • Less than 25 percent of K-State students overall are using laptops in classes.
  • More students are starting to use laptops in K-State’s technology classrooms.

Q. Will K-State faculty/staff ever ask for my student’s eID password?
Never in an e-mail, and only rarely under other circumstances. The IT Help Desk or any IT staff member would only ask for the password as a last resort or in an extreme situation to get the user up and running as soon as possible — and only when the user has initiated the request for help.

Q. How are security cables used to protect laptops?
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Microsoft Word training seminars Tue-Wed, Dec. 22-23

Special, two-hour Microsoft Word 2007 training seminars are being offered by iTAC at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 22, and 9 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 23, in Fairchild 9. The sessions will be predominantly question-and-answer sessions, with additional usability tips and best practices provided.

K-Staters who attended or registered for a Word class this past semester have been contacted so they can attend and further their skill set. Visit the registration page for details.

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