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Simplify Internet browsing by using tabs

During the course of any web-browsing session, you may end up with several telescoping treks into many different sites. An alternative to opening 20 windows is to use browser tabs instead.

Browser tabs are supported in every major browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari). Think of a tab like adding a new page to the current window that can have a completely different website loaded in it.

For example, here’s a screenshot of my current tabs in Firefox:

Screenshot of Firefox tabs
Screenshot of Firefox tabs

Not only do browser tabs simplify your browsing experience, they can also save system resources and time. For instance, if you frequent a website that is slow to load, you can flip to a different tab and read that webpage while the other one loads.
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Xmarks, a bookmark synchronizer for web browsers

Anyone using multiple computers throughout the day knows how frustrating it can be to have different bookmarks on each machine. The browser add-on Xmarks (formerly known as Foxmarks) allows users to synchronize all of their bookmarks among various computers.  The bookmarks are then readily available whenever and wherever needed. It also synchronizes across different browsers.

Simply install the Xmarks add-on and create a username and password. The bookmarks are then uploaded and stored on a server. If you set up a new machine, just install the Xmarks add-on and download the bookmarks. This replaces the prior bookmarks and merges with current ones. You can even create different profiles for work-related or home computers. Once all of your bookmarks are set up, you can then view and edit them at my.xmarks.com and the changes will synchronize with any browser that currently has the add-on installed.

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