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Leaving K-State? A technology checklist and money-saving tips

It’s that time of year again, when people leave K-State. Students are graduating, transferring to other universities, or just need a break. Faculty/staff are retiring or moving to new jobs. Whatever the reason, all can use the technology checklist on the Preparing to leave K-State webpage prior to terminating affiliation with K-State. And the money-saving tips below can help both students and employees.

The Preparing to leave K-State page covers what steps you should take to manage your electronic communications, files, and access to resources (and what happens if you don’t).  Here’s the highlights:

  1. Forward your email by signing in to eProfile and setting email-forwarding options. Note that students who were last enrolled at the university during the Fall 2011 term or later will have their email account continue at K-State for a year from the time they leave.
  2. Review your mailing list subscriptions. Unsubscribe from those you don’t want. For those you want to keep, subscribe from your new email address and  remove your K-State email address.
  3. Copy email and folders to other storage devices or services. (You can also export your calendar data to other calendar services.) Continue reading “Leaving K-State? A technology checklist and money-saving tips”