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IT Solutions: Setting up out-of-office messages in Zimbra

Question: I would like to set up an Out-of-Office message in Zimbra to automatically reply to people who send me messages while I am on vacation or away for an extended period of time. However, I don’t want the auto-reply message to be sent to every email address. Is there a way to customize Auto-Reply with a filter to keep my vacation notice from being sent to certain senders such as LISTSERV(s)?

The auto-reply feature is designed to notify all senders that you have received their email but are unavailable to respond during a specified timeframe. The feature sends a message to each sender only once a week, no matter how many messages they email you during your designated away period. Unfortunately, with Zimbra, filters are not processed before the auto-reply feature, so filtering messages will not redirect messages away from your primary inbox before the out-of-office message is sent to your sender. For this reason, creating filters is not recommended as a solution.

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