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E-portfolios (part 1): Using electronic portfolios for learning

Author’s note: This is the first article in a brief series on various technologies that may be used to render and output portfolios.

Back in the day, design portfolios involved plenty of different stocks of paper: translucent velum, glossy pages, and heavy card stock. For over a decade now, though, electronic portfolios have been the in-thing. They’ve been popularized because:

  • They travel light.
  • They offer more direct playability of contents like real-size imagery, videos, audio files, and simulations.
  • They showcase a fuller range of the designer’s capabilities.
  • They may directly connect (one click) to websites that may show more portfolio work.

What are e-portfolios? E-portfolios are structured works that showcase a learner’s background, a collection of his/her works (often including reflections on that work), a resume and curriculum vitae (CV), and his/her professional ambitions. For some fields, an e-portfolio works as a critical part of individuals’ job applications.

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