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Spotlight: ECAR student study on technology use

The 2010 ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology in its seventh iteration shares the responses on existing and emerging technologies of 36,950 students from 127 doctoral (56.3%), master’s (22.3%), baccalaureate (8%), associate’s (11.5%), and other institutions. Some of the questions posed assessed skill level with various technologies, ownership of Internet-capable handheld devices, preference on how the students liked to learn, reasons for use of social networking sites, collaboration using web-based tools, and more.

  • Eighty-nine percent of the students reported owning a laptop or netbook, with 99 percent reporting owning a computer. The latter is up from 93 percent in 2004.
  • About 63 percent of the students reported owning a handheld device, and more than 11 percent intend to purchase one within the year.
  • Students reported spending an average of 21.2  hours per week in online activities that are school- and nonschool-related.

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Major professors: Encourage grad students to start writing in the ETDR template

More than 40 percent of graduate students come to iTAC for individual help in formatting their electronic theses, dissertations, and reports (ETDRs). Many of these students visit us when they’ve completed their writing, and say their major professor told them they most now put their completed paper into the ETDR template. If you want to help your students focus on their research and the content of their paper, steer them toward using the ETDR template from the very beginning.

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Residential networking begins first week-long “move-in week”

On Aug. 1, K-State Housing and Dining Services and Information Technology Services staff began working with the 5,300 students who will be moving into the residence halls and Jardine Apartments. International students are moving into the residence halls this week, with the biggest influx arriving Thursday, Aug. 13.

New this year is a full, week-long “move-in week” for residence hall students, with 687 students scheduled to enter the residence halls Sunday, Aug. 16, and the rest trickling in throughout the week. Saturday, Aug. 20, is the preferred move-in day, with 885 students already signed up for that day.

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University Life Café goes live to promote mental wellness

K-State’s Counseling Services has launched an interactive website for K-State students to promote mental wellness, particularly in relation to preventing suicide.  Located at www.universitylifecafe.org, the site went live Jan. 7 and offers information on protective factors to promote student mental health and resiliency. Based on a metaphor of a café, the idea is that students, faculty, and staff will create a sense of a comfortable,  virtual community to make K-State a better place for all.

Site features include:

  • A blog where any active K-Stater with an eID may sign in and contribute.
  • Ongoing contests in art, photography, poetry, and music to enliven the space.
  • Information and multimedia on recognizing depression, preventing substance abuse, problem-solving, stress management, building support communities, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Network security registration required for Residential Network

K-Staters in the residence halls and Jardine Apartments who are bringing a computer, gaming device, or wireless handheld device to K-State are required to complete K-State’s network-access process before their computing device will be permitted on the network. This includes access to both Ethernet and wireless connections. The Bradford system has been reset for this semester; all new and returning residents must complete the process, even if they registered in the fall. The re-registration process allows residents the chance to check and make sure that their operating system and antivirus software is up-to-date since leaving last December. Continue reading “Network security registration required for Residential Network”

New “Ask Willie” website to help students

Ask Willie

In an effort to provide students an easy way to ask questions and voice concerns, K-State’s Office of Student Activities and Services has set up a new service called Ask Willie. According to a Dec. 9 press release from Media Relations, Ask Willie is a channel for students to go to for help with anything from university policies to personal issues. It consists of an e-mail address (askwillie@k-state.edu) and a website (www.k-state.edu/askwillie) with a form for students to use to request help or information. Continue reading “New “Ask Willie” website to help students”