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New technology classrooms in Waters, Leasure halls

Construction and installation in Leasure 010.
Construction and installation in Leasure Hall's new technology classroom

Two brand new high-tech classrooms on campus will be completed and holding classes over the summer.

Previously used as a regular general-use classroom, Waters 41 was reopened for classes on Monday, June 7. The room now features a ceiling-mounted Epson projector  and a technology podium equipped with a document camera, PC, connections for a portable laptop, and audio/video switching equipment. All of the equipment is tied into a new sound system as well.

Construction and installation of equipment is also under way in Leasure 10. The room was previously used for storage by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety on campus. Once completed, the room will have many of the same features as Waters 41 and will be ready for classes starting July 6. Continue reading “New technology classrooms in Waters, Leasure halls”

Computing labs, tech classrooms update to Windows 7 this summer

Over the summer iTAC will be upgrading the K-State InfoCommons, university computing labs, studio classrooms, and technology classrooms. One of the improvements is to move all the PCs to the Windows 7 operating system. We are currently building these images and doing extensive testing to ensure that programs will still work correctly. If you have any software requests for the Fall 2010 computer image, e-mail softwarerequest@k-state.edu.

Updates to tech classrooms over winter break

The Information Technology Assistance Center will be replacing PCs located in podiums of the high-technology classrooms across campus over winter break. Software installed on these machines will also be updated.

The IT team will need time to install the software prior to winter break. Instructors should submit any software requests as soon as possible using the Request for Software Installation form (PDF). For more information, see the list of current software installed in K-State’s high-tech classrooms.

Spotlight: Using technology to cut costs

Below is a short list of suggestions to save money using technology. If you have other suggestions on using technology to cut costs, send to TellTuesday@k-state.edu.

  1. Set the default on printers (when possible) to print double-sided instead of single-sided pages. (This one change to printers in the K-State InfoCommons and university computing labs resulted in a reduction of more than 400,000 fewer sheets of paper used, which is equivalent to 800 fewer reams of paper or 32 boxes.)
  2. Send communications including memos, notices, and updates via e-mail, thus eliminating paper.
  3. Purchase an inexpensive scanner such as a ScanSnap and connect it to an administrative assistant’s computer. Any information on paper that needs to be shared with staff can be scanned, quickly converted to a PDF, and then e-mailed as an attachment. Continue reading “Spotlight: Using technology to cut costs”

Upgrades to IT facilities over winter break

The Information Technology Assistance Center (iTAC) worked over the winter break refreshing technology in K-State’s technology classrooms, and updating software and computers in the university computing labs and K-State InfoCommons. Here’s a list of some of the upgrades and projects that were undertaken:

Winter-break projects in university computing labs, InfoCommons, tech classrooms

The Information Technology Assistance Center (iTAC) will be working over the winter break refreshing technology in K-State’s technology classrooms, and updating software and computers in the university computing labs and K-State InfoCommons. Here’s a list of some ugrades and projects that will be undertaken over the break:

  • Install 22 iMacs in the InfoCommons and university computing labs
  • Upgrade 11 projectors in technology classrooms
  • Install a new course-capturing system in Justin 109
  • Upgrade media link technology in 15 technology classrooms, bringing mobile media player compatibility to these rooms
  • Install a new software image on all computers in the university computing labs and InfoCommons
  • Install technology in the Quantitative Center (Q Center) studio classroom in Cardwell Hall (estimated completion is early February 2009)
  • Install new computers in several locations:
    • the Cardwell Physics Studios
    • both of the Union computing labs
    • the Math/Physics and Architecture libraries

“Recording classroom lectures” system demo

The Information Technology Assistance Center and the Office of Mediated Education are hosting a drop-in demonstration of a system for recording classroom lectures.  The system can upload presentations to a USB drive or external hard drive in a fraction of the time of previous systems. Faculty and staff are encouraged to try out the system during regular business hours from noon Monday, Nov. 17-noon Wednesday, Nov. 19, in Hale 212. Cytek Media Systems of Topeka designed and loaned the system to K-State for these demonstrations. For more information, contact Kevin Shippy, 785-532-3343, or Tim Bagby, 785-532-4919.

Summer changes: Tech classrooms, dual-boot iMacs, group study carts

Over the summer Information Technology Services staff was busy creating tech classrooms, renovating rooms, and deploying new technology around campus. A new technology classroom is almost complete in Gym 10 and features 10 workstations as well as an instructor podium with common core technology and a ceiling-mounted camera. Leasure 1 was upgraded to a technology classroom. Kedzie 106 had a facelift including new floor, seats, ceiling, and a fresh coat of paint. Kedzie 106 and Union Little Theatre got a major technology upgrade.


Kedzie 106

Several technology classrooms now have connections for portable media devices (MP4 players, flash drives) on the instructor podium.

A joint project between Apple, the Union Computer Store, and iTAC brought two dual-boot iMacs to the Caribou Coffee area in the K-State Student Union. These iMacs allow K-Staters to use either Windows XP or Mac OS X on the same computer.

Group study carts that allow users to connect a laptop to a 37″ LCD screen for easier collaboration on projects are now available on the second floor of Hale Library.

The upgrades address the expectations of K-Staters identified in the IT Needs Assessment.