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Add customization to TED and YouTube videos

TED-Ed has released it’s “Flip this Lesson” feature. This allows you to create customized lessons based upon TED or YouTube videos. A few of the functions include:

  • Add a lesson title
  • Create short answer questions
  • Provide additional resources
  • Provide ending thoughts
  • Publish your lesson with one URL (web address) or send a unique URL to each student so you can track individual progress

Read more about TED-ED’s Flip This Video project or take the TED-Ed Website Tour (YouTube video).

Spotlight: Reframing of complex information by digital means

The TED (“Ideas worth spreading”) series at www.ted.com brings together world-class thinkers on a range of issues. These presentations tap into “Technology, Entertainment, Design”  to share ideas critical to the world and tend to be multidisciplinary and cutting-edge.

A sampling of TED presentations are covered below, showing new ways of presenting digital data that may change the nature of electronic learning (e-learning):

  • Dynamic data visualization  (“Hans Rosling shows the best stats you’ve ever seen”)
  • Linked data (“Tim Berners-Lee on the next Web”)
  • Artificial life simulations (“Will Wright makes toys that make worlds”)
  • Envisioning new realities through the imagination (Jane McGonigal: Gaming can Make a Better World)

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