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"Blind carbon copy" adds professionalism to e-mail

When sending e-mail to multiple recipients, consider using the “blind carbon copy” (Bcc:) option. Posting individual e-mail addresses in the Bcc area eliminates the long list of e-mail addresses that the viewer wades through to get to the body of the e-mail and makes for a more professional looking e-mail.

Other benefits include:

Reduce ink-printing costs with Ecofont

K-Staters looking for a way to reduce printing costs might want to consider using Ecofont. This font style, created by the Dutch company Spranq, was designed to use less ink than other fonts — about 15 percent to 20 percent less — by placing small holes throughout the typeface.

Image of enlarged ecofont typface
Image of enlarged ecofont typface that uses less ink

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K-State computer recommendations for 2009

K-State’s computer recommendations for students buying a computer to bring to college have recently been updated with the 2009 purchasing guidelines. Intended for freshman/sophomore levels, the recommendations cover operating systems, networking, software, environmental considerations, and more. Continue reading “K-State computer recommendations for 2009”

Websites that help find holiday gifts

If you’re having trouble coming up with gift ideas this holiday season, there are a number of websites that might be of help. These sites do the searching for you — they gather gift ideas from other websites and then categorize them by occasion, gender, personality, hobbies, interests, and more. Check these sites out, and good luck shopping! Continue reading “Websites that help find holiday gifts”

Q/A: Time required to install Vista service pack?

How much time does it take to install Microsoft’s Vista Service Pack on my PC?

Installing the Microsoft Vista Service Pack is a task best approached with planning and 1.5 hours of time. The Vista service pack provides critical protection for your computer from unwanted security risks and improves performance.

Users often come to the IT Help Desk asking for assistance installing the Vista service pack. Read on for a checklist to follow for installation. Continue reading “Q/A: Time required to install Vista service pack?”

Visio 2007: Save Visio files as PDF or XPS

Microsoft Visio drawings (.vsd) can output in a variety of formats: .JPG, XML templates, webpages, AutoCAD drawings, and others. Now, with a simple Microsoft add-in, Visio images can be saved as PDF or XPS files, too. These file types make Visio drawings viewable by those who don’t use Microsoft Office.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a fixed-layout electronic file format. XPS (XML Paper Specification) also preserves the file formatting and enables file sharing.

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Hiding courses in K-State Online

Many K-State Online instructors are surprised to find they are students in a number of courses that have been made available to all system instructors, including an iSIS training course.  Instructors who have a large number of courses on their organizers may not have seen these courses because they are listed at the bottom of the course organizer –  way below all the courses they are instructors in.  One solution to this problem is to hide the courses you are not currently using, so they don’t appear on your organizer.  Hiding a course does not delete the course nor does it remove you from the course – it just hides it until you choose to show it again. To hide one or more courses, do the following:

  1. On your course Organizer, click the Preferences tab.
  2. In the Hide column, select the check boxes next to the courses you want to hide.
  3. Click the Save Preferences button.

To show hidden courses, click the hide/show link at the top of your organizer.

Microsoft Word 2007 tools for referencing sources

Ever have challenges with citing references, both in-text and in the bibliographical list that follows? Microsoft Word 2007 offers a references tool that may make this task easier. The References Tab on the MS Word 2007 Ribbon offers many options for working with references in a document.

The Table of Contents feature allows the automated building and updating of these contents, which comes in handy for larger documents.

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 tip: eye-catching themes and customizable designs

Microsoft Office’s PowerPoint 2007 has enlivened the look and feel of its range of designs with some new features.  The new MS Office Ribbon below shows some of the slide designs with pre-set color palettes and font mixes.  Scroll down the list using the arrow keys to the right of the theme designs.

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