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Q/A: How to save photos from a broken cellphone?

My cellphone quit working and it has a lot of photos I want to keep. How do I save them?

One easy solution is to take the camera’s memory card and a flash drive or blank DVD to the Media Development Center (213 Hale Library). Use one of the card readers there to transfer photos and videos to your media. Staff consultants are on hand to walk you through the process.

Memory card readers in the MDC: A GGI Gear card (left), and a SanDisk ImageMate (right) with four media slots

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Transferring courses between learning/course management systems

K-State Online is the learning/course management system at Kansas State University

For any number of reasons, faculty may find they have to transfer digital learning objects or modules or whole courses from one learning/course management system (L/CMS) to another. Sometimes this is due to the closing out of a contract for a particular L/CMS. Sometimes it’s a matter of changing workplaces and moving contents (for which faculty own all or partial copyright). Sometimes faculty members need to deploy a course on a different system in order to reach a wider audience.

Assuming that the digital learning objects have been built correctly (with the proper technologies and in an accessible way), various types of learning may be quite “portable.” These text files, digital imagery, diagrams, slideshows (still and animated), audio files, video files, games, tutorials, and other objects may be moved without affecting their quality.

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