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Visio 2007: AutoConnect new feature

The new AutoConnect feature in Microsoft Visio 2007 enables easy connecting of shapes in a drawing. Simply place a shape on the work grid (drawing page), then place a second image next to it. When you put your cursor over the shape you want to connect, you will see faint blue arrows pointing outward from the shape.

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Visio 2007: Hypervisual interfaces

Microsoft Visio 2007 (Standard) enhances users’ abilities to create visuals of various systems (objects and interrelationships) and processes. This latest Visio version offers a more visual interface.

The template categories have been simplified: Business, Engineering, Flowchart, General, Maps and Floor Plans, Network, Schedule, and Software and Database.

Recent Visio documents appear as thumbnail previews in the right column and link to the actual files on the computer (unless they’ve been moved).

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iSIS Grade Submission – online tutorial available for K-State Online instructors

A self-paced, online tutorial, iSIS Training – including iSIS Grade Submission, is available for all K-State Online primary instructors. A link to the course can be found at the very bottom of the K-State Online course organizer – under the section labeled Student.

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RSS explained

RSS is one of the single most important technologies to spur on Web 2.0. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. What it does is exactly that — it syndicates (publishes) content, so that instead of you going to the content, the content can come to you. Because of this, it’s a real paradigm shift for navigating the Internet. Consequently, creating a structure that is RSS-friendly was one of the biggest motivating factors for the new InfoTech Tuesday format.

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