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iSIS upgrade scheduled during fall break

K-State’s student information system (iSIS), will be undergoing an upgrade during the week of fall break. As a result, iSIS will not be available from 5 p.m. Friday, Nov. 19, through Wednesday, Nov. 24. The upgrade will provide improved features requested by faculty, staff and students, keep all components up to date for federal regulatory purposes, and update the system to the latest version.

Updates about the iSIS upgrade will be posted on the iSIS Upgrade News page.

Windows 7 now in InfoCommons, university computing labs

One of the big changes students will notice as they return to campus is that the Windows 7 operating system was installed in the K-State InfoCommons (in Hale Library) and in the university computing labs. In addition, computers in the Dickens and Seaton university computing labs were all replaced by new computers this summer.

See the university computing labs website for information about lab locations, free printing, and available software.

InfoCommons, computer labs re-imaging has begun

iTAC has begun the process of re-imaging all the computers in the K-State InfoCommons and the university computing labs. During the next four weeks, various labs around campus and areas of the InfoCommons may be closed intermittently for upgrades.

As a part of the new image, all computers will be upgraded to Windows 7, and the latest versions of software offered on these computers will also be installed.

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K-State Online upgrades scheduled July 19

K-State Online will be unavailable 7-9 a.m. Monday, July 19, during a planned upgrade to version 9.2. Service will be restored as soon as possible. For the complete list of new features and resolved issues, see the K-State Online 9.2 Release Notes.

Course owners and instructors will not need to complete any additional steps following the upgrade. Courses will appear as before, but will include the version 9.2 improvements.

InfoCommons, university computing labs testing July 19-23

Beginning Monday, July 19, iTAC staff will have the newest version of the computer images for the K-State InfoCommons and university computing labs‘ computers ready for testing. The test computers will be located next to the IT Help Desk, 214 Hale Library, and all students and faculty/staff are invited to try out the new setup that will be implemented for fall semester.

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Apple computers in Hale InfoCommons and Union Caribou Coffee to be unavailable June 14-16

Beginning June 14, central IT staff will be making changes to the Apple computing environment in Hale Library and also Caribou Coffee in the K-State Student Union. It is expected that Apple computers in these environments will be unavailable from June 14 through June 16. However, all Windows-based computers in those computing facilities will continue to function normally.

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K-State wireless upgrade coming Dec. 23

The wireless network infrastructure will be upgraded for the Manhattan campus 7-11 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 23. This upgrade will allow for the deployment of newer generation 802.11n access points.

During the upgrade, wireless network service will be interrupted for all locations on the Manhattan campus. Some areas will experience longer outages, depending upon the order in which the wireless access points that provide service are upgraded. If you have any questions, contact network@k-state.edu.

Updates planned in InfoCommons, university computing labs

During winter break, the Information Technology Assistance Center will be replacing all of the PCs located on the first, second, and third floors of the K-State InfoCommons in Hale Library. The new Dell machines will feature a 20-inch wide-screen monitor as well as memory and processor upgrades.

A test machine will be placed near the IT Help Desk in the near future, so users can come by and check out the image before it’s deployed throughout the rest of the environment.

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Wireless network upgrade Wednesday evening, Aug. 12

K-State’s wireless network will experience brief service disruptions 10 p.m.-midnight Wednesday, Aug. 12, across the Manhattan campus during a software upgrade. This will improve network security for nearly 1,000 wireless access points on the campus. Any questions or concerns should be sent to the IT Help Desk, 785-532-7722, helpdesk@k-state.edu.

Firefox 3.5 released with great speed improvements

Last week, Mozilla Corp. released Firefox 3.5, the next iteration of the Firefox web browser.Visually, Firefox 3.5 is practically identical to Firefox 3. The majority of the changes are behind-the-scenes.

Firefox 3.5’s biggest improvement is speed. Javascript execution (which virtually every website uses) is now two times faster than Firefox 3 and ten times faster than Firefox 2. Mozilla also added support for the upcoming HTML 5 standard including open audio and video.

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