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Zoom is now available in Connect personalized dashboards

by Information Technology Services

Using Zoom, K-State’s audio/video conferencing service, is now easier than ever before. Zoom is now available when you sign in to Connect, your personalized dashboard for K-State services. Continue reading “Zoom is now available in Connect personalized dashboards”

Zoom videoconferencing: Limit raised to 100 per meeting; new numbers for phone connects

K-State’s Zoom audio/videoconferencing service, which went live in April 2013, is available to all students, faculty, and staff.  Note these recent changes in the service:

  1. Zoom now allows up to 100 participants per meeting. (The default is still 25.)  To request a  meeting for more than 25 participants, email Shelley Troyer (shelleytroyer@k-state.edu).  Continue reading “Zoom videoconferencing: Limit raised to 100 per meeting; new numbers for phone connects”

Carrying on through snow days using IT tools

Faculty, don’t let a few snow days keep you from holding class. K-State has tools to connect in spite of 11+ inches of snow. Here are some options to consider.

Use K-State Online to post an outline or summary of what you would have covered, in a Word, PDF or other document. Post Q&A sessions on the message board. Provide an audio recording on the Announcement page for students to prepare for the next class meeting.

Use Zoom audio/videoconferencing to record commentary on what would have been covered during the class. Some suggestions:  Continue reading “Carrying on through snow days using IT tools”

Web conferencing tools Vidyo and BlueJeans available for testing

Video Conferencing Services in iTAC has begun a pilot program for testing Vidyo and BlueJeans, which are both designed to make conferencing over the Web easy to use, secure, and reliable.

  1. The BlueJeans pilot will be available until mid-January 2013.
  2. The Vidyo pilot will be available until October 2013.

Both services will be free-of-charge to use during the pilot programs.

Continue reading “Web conferencing tools Vidyo and BlueJeans available for testing”

Perez accepts position at California State University Northridge

By Information Technology Services

Ernie Perez, manager of instruction technology, has accepted a position as director of instructional technology at California State University Northridge effective Oct. 15.

Perez began at K-State as a student employee and worked his way up to his current position as manager, where he leads a team of five full-time employees and 10 students. Continue reading “Perez accepts position at California State University Northridge”

Audio/video conferencing services move from KRN/TELENET 2 to Information Technology Services

(Editor’s note:  This announcement from the Kansas Regents Network was originally posted in the Dec. 6, 2011, issue of K-State Today. It is reprinted here with slight editing and format changes.)

On Dec. 9, the Kansas Regents Network (KRN)/TELENET 2 will transition to a new organizational model. The Kansas Regents Network audio and video conferencing services, administered by the Division of Continuing Education, will be transferred to Information Technology Services.

  • The audio conferencing system will be run by Computing and Telecommunications Services out of East Stadium.
  • The name of the video conferencing network will change to Telenet/video conference services and will be managed by iTAC in Dole Hall.
  • The phone number to schedule audio and video calls will remain 785-532-5995.

The organizational transition is in response to the retirements of KRN/Telenet director Susan Barton and coordinator Sue White. Assistant Kay Ring is also retiring.

The Kansas Regents Network was established in 1970 as a distance learning network of sites to extend education programs to students across Kansas. Through the Kansas Regents Network, place-bound students, including teachers, librarians, nurses, law enforcement, and other professionals had the opportunity to attend university academic courses closer to their homes, first via audio conferencing, and since 1996, via audio and video conferencing.

“The mission of the Division of Continuing Education — to extend resources to learners who cannot attend classes at one of our campuses—has been fulfilled by these services,” said Sue Maes, the division’s dean. “For these 41 years of distance education delivery services, customer support and communication facilitation have been KRN priorities. The new homes for audio and video conferencing look forward to continuing this same service.”

More about KRN/Telenet services and scheduling can be found online at telenet2.org.

Q/A: Video conferencing and LISTSERV

Every week, readers send questions to TellTuesday@k-state.edu, the IT newsletter’s input channel. From time to time, questions (paraphrased) and answers will be shared that relate to a broad range of K-Staters.

Q: We are planning for a conference to be held at K-State. Who do I ask about video conferencing capabilities?

A: Contact the Video/Audio Conferencing service at 785-532-5995 or


Continue reading “Q/A: Video conferencing and LISTSERV”

TELENET 2, K-State at Salina host high-def video conferencing

John Allard, TELENET 2, and Joe Krause, Continuing Education at K-State at Salina, co-wrote a successful Kan-ed grant proposal resulting in new PolyCom high-definition (HD) video conferencing equipment for both K-State campuses. On Aug. 14, the TELENET 2 equipment was installed in Dole Hall,  and potential users from both campuses were trained.

The equipment in Dole Hall can operate at speeds from 128 kbps to 1,920 kbps and has the capacity to bridge three additional sites. The equipment setup is ingenious in that two PolyComs are connected to the 42-inch monitors to allow both IP and ISDN connectivity.

The K-State at Salina equipment installation is in progress.  It is being placed in the library in a room renovated for that purpose.

To request a demonstration of the TELENET 2 equipment in Dole Hall, call 785-532-5995.