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The NodeXL Series: Using VOSON for Hyperlink Network Analysis (Part 9)

The NodeXL add-in is set up to work with a variety of other systems to import data.  These are referred to as Third Party Graph Data Importers in the system.  One of these systems is known as the Virtual Observatory for the Study of Online Networks (VOSON), created by Uberlink  (There is a page which addresses the overlap of NodeXL and VOSON here).

Enabling VOSON Functionality

To add this functionality to NodeXL, go to Uberlink’s main site.  To access the VOSON + NodeXL software release, you need to create a verified account.  Once that has been created, download the appropriate software, and install it per the instructions.

The VOSON System is a web-based software that enables the collection and analysis of online network data.  A human being at Uberlink vets the data crawls.  The VOSON Data Provider for NodeXL enables access to the VOSON hyperlink network data collection services from within NodeXL.  This Data Provider works for both Windows 7 and Windows XP.  Once the latter DLL file has been accessed, it must be downloaded to the PlugIns folder for the NodeXL Excel Template.  (This assumes that the recent versions of Excel and NodeXL have been installed properly.)

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