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iPad user group has new web presence

By Mary Hammel

logo for K-State iPad user groupK-State’s iPad user group has a new web presence at coe.k-state.edu/ipadusergroup. For now, we have an archive of meetings and apps that were covered; some suggestions for securing your iPad; and a list of built-in apps.

Included is a link to download our first iPad Resource Guide iBook that we created for our faculty in the College of Education: iPad Settings and Essential Productivity Tips.

Distance education giveaway website relaunched

The K-State Division of Continuing Education has relaunched its distance education giveaway website and is now providing new, downloadable items for K-Staters, kids, co-workers, friends and all K-State sports fans.

Initially made public in 2007, the website was developed to offer distance-accessible K-State items to individuals developing an interest in K-State’s distance education opportunities, as well as those who had graduated and were considering the university’s professional development options. It also served as a tool to increase K-State’s presence through viral marketing.  Continue reading “Distance education giveaway website relaunched”

QR codes (+ free tools): Quick access to all kinds of data

Image of QR code for K-State IT Help Desk URL
QR code for the website of the K-State IT Help Desk

K-Staters may have noticed some funny-looking images of black-pixeled boxes popping up around campus lately, notably in Hale Library. So, what are they used for and what can you do with them?

These are “QR codes” or Quick Response codes (also known as QR barcodes). This technology allows the public to access information fast through graphical links.

QR code readers

To access the information behind a QR code, you first need to download a free QR reader to your smartphone and then scan/capture (take a picture of) a QR code. (Some smartphones may come with a QR reader already installed.) Here are a few that seem to work well:

  • For the iPhone, RedLaser is a free, general purpose barcode reader app.
  • For Android smartphones, Barcode Scanner is a free app that has received positive feedback.

For more choices, do a Google search for “QR code reader”. Continue reading “QR codes (+ free tools): Quick access to all kinds of data”

University Life Café goes live to promote mental wellness

K-State’s Counseling Services has launched an interactive website for K-State students to promote mental wellness, particularly in relation to preventing suicide.  Located at www.universitylifecafe.org, the site went live Jan. 7 and offers information on protective factors to promote student mental health and resiliency. Based on a metaphor of a café, the idea is that students, faculty, and staff will create a sense of a comfortable,  virtual community to make K-State a better place for all.

Site features include:

  • A blog where any active K-Stater with an eID may sign in and contribute.
  • Ongoing contests in art, photography, poetry, and music to enliven the space.
  • Information and multimedia on recognizing depression, preventing substance abuse, problem-solving, stress management, building support communities, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Continue reading “University Life Café goes live to promote mental wellness”

K-State interdepartmental property-exchange website

Need a Camera? Office furniture? Check out K-State’s Interdepartmental Property Exchange website. Created by the Controller’s Office, the site allows departments to post their excess property and to look at what’s available from other units on campus.

Anyone can create an account to view the items that are available and request to be added to the e-mail list when items become available. To facilitate proper record keeping, only the departmental inventory contact person will be given access to request the items. See the help section on the website for instructions on how to sign up and use the site.

BlackBerry calendar-sync webpage updated

The online guide to syncing BlackBerry calendars with K-State’s Oracle calendar using SyncJE has been updated. It includes instructions on how to install and configure the SyncJE syncing software on a BlackBerry. K-Staters who have been having issues with calendar syncing on their BlackBerry should check that page to see if any of the changes impact them.

Distance-ed giveaway site offers more free downloads

These days, what’s better than getting something for nothing? K-State’s distance education giveaway website, part of the Options Plus marketing campaign, now includes four more items that can be downloaded from the site free as PDFs.

Whether you’re a K-State student, alumni, sports fan, faculty/staff member, a kid, or if you just want some free stuff, visit the giveaway website to find the following new items: Continue reading “Distance-ed giveaway site offers more free downloads”

HR website gets major upgrade, new features

The Division of Human Resources has completed reconstruction of its website, and the updated site went live Sept. 22.  The redesign project, which began in spring 2006, included participation from across campus in addition to the HR Web Page team.  Plus, 19 department personnel specialists participated in the usability testing.  New features of the site include: Continue reading “HR website gets major upgrade, new features”