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KSU iPad Users wiki now open to the public

The KSU iPad Users wiki was started last November as a way to share information brought up in the monthly meetings. Users previously had to request access and log in with a user ID and password. This was confusing and an extra step to many, so it has now been made public.

The wiki can be seen at ksuipadusers.pbworks.com. If you would like to edit or contribute, you will have to request access and log in.

Spotlight: MediaWiki enhances group-created knowledge creation and management

Wikis are a kind of software that promotes knowledge-sharing among distributed contributors with Net access. This software allows virtually anyone to post textual information, photos, sound files, video files, and other multimedia contents to a site, which is available globally. The contents of a wiki are searchable and accessible. The contents in a wiki, if named properly and linked intelligently, are highly navigable. An automatic “Contents” is created at the level of an entry page and then at the wiki level, to make the contents more easy to peruse and access.

The interface for editing contents may seem awkward to some, and it may take some getting used to. Some directions are available at www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Editing_pages.HelpEditingPages

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