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Housing’s “KSU Guest” wi-fi network renamed to “Join KSU Housing”

by Brian Leslie, Housing and Dining Services

On Tuesday, July 23, the Housing and Dining Services “KSU Guest” wi-fi network was shut off. It was immediately replaced by a network with the SSID of “Join KSU Housing”, which is also unencrypted.

“Join KSU Housing” is in the same address space as “KSU Guest” so the network is essentially being renamed.  Continue reading “Housing’s “KSU Guest” wi-fi network renamed to “Join KSU Housing””

Update wireless access on a Mac after eID password change

There have been several reports of Apple Macs having issues reconnecting to the KSU Wireless and KSU Housing networks after a user changes their eID password. The best way to resolve this issue is to select KSU Guest from the network list and run through the XpressConnect process again. This will reconnect them to either KSU Wireless or KSU Housing depending on their specific needs.

For more information and to go through the XpressConnect process, visit the wireless access page at wireless.k-state.edu. For further assistance or questions, contact the IT Help Desk at 785-532-7722.

IT solutions: Types of printing available in the labs and InfoCommons

Have you ever wondered if you were the only person on campus with a particular computer problem? Got a quick technology question and don’t know who to call? Contact the IT Help Desk at 785-532-7722 or e-mail helpdesk@k-state.edu.

Computers and printers for the campus community are in the K-State InfoCommons in Hale Library, and in university computing labs in Justin Hall, Dickens Hall, Seaton Hall, and the K-State Student Union.

  • Limited, free laser printing is available to all students, faculty, and staff via their K-State eID and password. $10 is allocated per person each fall and spring semester, and $5 each summer. Beyond those amounts, the Wildcat Card can be used for pay-for-printing. Unused balances do not carry forward to the next semester.
  • Black-and-white printing goes into one queue and can be retrieved at any printer in the labs and InfoCommons. Costs are 10 cents per page for black-and-white printing, and 18 cents two-sided (duplex).
  • Color printing is available in the K-State InfoCommons and the Media Development Center, Hale 213. Color printing is 75 cents per page.
  • Wireless printing is available from anywhere on campus to printers in Hale Library, Justin lab, Dickens lab, Seaton lab and library, and the Union Copy Center for on-campus users connected to the KSU Wireless network.

by Deborah Goins, IT Help Desk student consultant

Ask a Librarian: IT and library equipment Q/As

The Equipment category of the “Ask a Librarian” pages has common questions (and answers) about IT equipment available in the K-State Libraries.  The Q/As often include  pointers to IT resources outside of Hale Library, including branch libraries and the Salina campus.

Current questions/answers about available technology:

  • Cameras: Can I check out cameras here?
  • Collaboration stations: What are they? How can I use them?
  • Wireless access: How can I connect my laptop to the wireless (wifi) network?
  • Computers: Where is there an open computer in Hale Library?
  • Computers: What hardware and software is available on the computers?
  • Fax machine: Do you have a fax machine?
  • Projectors: Can I check out projectors here?
  • Headphones: Can I check out headphones here?
  • Laptops: Can I check out laptops here?
  • Copier: How do I use a photocopier (copier) and how much does it cost?

For more FAQs, see the Ask a Librarian homepage that also provides a chat interface (during library service hours) plus email, phone, and texting communication channels.

Are you wireless? Deadline is today for switching off k-state.net

The current k-state.net wireless network is being permanently removed Tuesday, Oct. 25.  All K-Staters need to immediately move their laptops, mobile devices, and other wireless devices to the university’s more secure “KSU Wireless” system.  Those who have not switched by 5 p.m. today will lose wireless access.

Information Technology Services is hosting walk-up clinics 11 a.m.-2 p.m. today and Wednesday just outside the Food Court in the K-State Student Union to help students and faculty/staff connect wireless devices to the new system.

Students living off-campus and faculty/staff should use the new “KSU Wireless” network. Those living in residence halls and Jardine Apartments should use the new “KSU Housing” network.

To set up wireless on your own, go to wireless.k-state.edu on your devices and follow the instructions. For assistance outside the clinics, stop by the IT Help Desk in 214 Hale Library.

Walk-up wireless clinics start today, run through October

Kansas State University is moving to a new wireless system for laptops, mobile devices, and other wireless devices. The new “KSU Wireless” (for students living off-campus and faculty/staff ) and “KSU Housing” (for those living in residence halls and Jardine Apartments) will be the primary wireless systems for K-Staters.

The current k-state.net will be turned off Oct. 25.

To aid in the transition, Information Technology Services is hosting several “KSU Wireless” walk-up clinics on the following dates in the Union, just outside the Food Court.

  • Thursday, Sept. 15
  • Tuesday, Sept. 20
  • Wednesday, Sept. 28
  • Thursday, Oct. 6
  • Tuesday, Oct. 11
  • Wednesday, Oct. 19
  • Tuesday, Oct. 25

All clinics are 11 a.m.-2 p.m. If you would like assistance getting your devices attached, please stop by with your devices. To try it on your own, go to wireless.k-state.edu on your devices and follow the instructions. For assistance outside the clinics, stop by the IT Help Desk in 214 Hale Library.

Summer break? No way; ITS busy boosting technology

Since May, Information Technology Services has been busy sprucing up the campus network, upgrading technology, and more. Below is a short list of the projects that occurred over the summer.

1. Network upgrades.
ITS completed a total network upgrade to Fairchild Hall, and added wireless in Ahearn, Call, and Willard halls. The average number of users during high usage periods is approximately 6,700. ITS is in the process of a total building rewire for Cardwell Hall plus new electronics. ITS installed a new network access control system, SafeConnect in the residence halls which ensures that computers are up-to-date with operating systems, patches  and antivirius configurations.

2. Wireless network security.
ITS increased the security of the wireless network implementing the industry standard WPA2 Enterprise. K-Staters will find three new SSIDs  — network names — in their list of wireless networks available on campus:

  • KSU Wireless, for all K-Staters
  • KSU Guest, for campus visitors (no access to K-State Enterprise Systems)
  • KSU Housing, for residence hall and Jardine residents only

3. Nine more technology classrooms.
Nine general-use classrooms that are part of the upgrade for 50 rooms to basic technology were completed. The rooms include 112 Bluemont Hall, 208 Fairchild Hall, 216 Kedzie Hall, 2 Natatorium, 162 Seaton Hall, 132 Waters Hall, and 120, 122, and 123 in Willard Hall. The technology includes a projector, a simple control panel, switching equipment, and sound amplification. These systems are based on new digital standards, allowing for HDMI, VGA, Component, and Composite inputs. Additional general-use classrooms will be completed over the next two years.

4. Parking services and textbooks. 
ITS worked with Parking Services to update the Parking System.  ITS modified the information available to students on the textbooks by adding two additional links for textbooks accessible from the Student Services Center in iSIS.

5. Content management system.
In conjunction with Communications and Marketing, ITS rolled out the new content management system to make it easier for units across campus to upgrade webpages. ITS also changed the messages that users receive when there is an error locating information on the K-State Web presence.

Watch K-State Today for upcoming information on technology happenings.

Important changes to K-State wireless network

K-Staters can now connect to the more secure WPA2 Enterprise wireless network using their eID/password. Faculty, staff, and students who use the wireless network and are on campus during the summer are encouraged to connect today, before the rush of new students and employees in August.

  • Individuals who do not live in residence halls or Jardine Apartments will use the KSU Wireless SSID (network name) instead of the k-state.net SSID.
  • Students living in residence halls or Jardine Apartments will connect to the KSU Housing SSID.

Instructions on how to connect to this more secure wireless network are available at  wireless.k-state.edu/connect, which has links to an easy-to-use, automated configuration tool for Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android operating systems. For manual configuration instructions, see the Wireless at Kansas State University document (PDF).

On Aug. 1, the k-state.guest SSID will be disabled, and K-Staters will no longer be able to connect to the wireless network using this SSID. Campus visitors will use the KSU Guest SSID, which will not require an eID/password. KSU Guest will restrict access to enterprise systems such as K-State Online, webmail, iSIS student information system, and HRIS employee self-service.

On Oct. 25, the k-state.net SSID will be disabled, and K-Staters will no longer be able to connect to the wireless network using this SSID. Note: If you do not switch to KSU Wireless, you will not be able to use K-State’s wireless network on Oct. 25.

Information about K-State wireless networks is available at wireless.k-state.edu.  If you need assistance, contact your departmental IT support staff or the IT Help Desk, 785-532-7722, helpdesk@k-state.edu.

Enhanced wireless security went live July 12

On July 12, Information Technology Services increased the security of the wireless network by migrating from WEP to WPA2 Enterprise. K-Staters will find three new SSIDs (network names) in their list of wireless networks available on campus:

  • KSU Wireless (for all K-Staters)
  • KSU Guest (for campus visitors)
  • KSU Housing (for residence hall and Jardine residents only)

K-Staters will use the more secure KSU Wireless network. To access “KSU Wireless”, users will be routed to an automated configuration tool that requires signing in with an eID and password.

Campus visitors will use the KSU Guest network, which is unencrypted and will not require an eID/password. KSU Guest will be restricted to not allow access to K-State Online, webmail, iSIS, HRIS, Service-now, VPN, and the financial information system, which will protect those systems.

The current wireless network (k-state.net) that requires the WEP key will be disabled Oct. 25.

Our goal is to improve the security of the wireless network and simplify access. Since mid-June, SIRT and system administrators have been testing the new WPA2 Enterprise wireless network. Watch for more about WPA2 Enterprise in future articles.

For more information, see Wireless Networks at K-State and use the Wireless Network setup tool to configure your device.

Register for Oct. 5 IT security training event by Friday!

The deadline to sign up for next Monday’s Oct. 5 IT Security Training Event is coming. If you’ve been waiting until the last minute to sign up, this would be your time! Get more details about the Oct. 5 security event and register for the event by Friday, Oct. 2.

This free event is open to K-State faculty/staff and students, as well as IT professionals from other Regents’ institutions. Friendly, non-technical sessions this year will cover:

  • How to make your PC and home wireless network more secure
  • How computers get infected from web browsing and opening music files
  • How to keep data on your mobile device more secure
  • How to get started using IT security resources for K-Staters
  • How to travel more safely with your computer and data

Continue reading “Register for Oct. 5 IT security training event by Friday!”