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IT word changes according to Associated Press

In March, the Associated Press announced its major changes in word styles, including IT words. This is a “big deal” for IT words that have remained unchanged for decades in a field where technology changes frequently and fast. (Some words, like “e-mail”, have remained unchanged for 20+ years.)

New IT word styles include:

  • cellphone (formerly “cell phone” as two words)
  • email (formerly “e-mail” with a hyphen)
  • smartphone (formerly “smart phone” as two words)
  • website (formerly “web site” as two words)

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Grad students: ETDR Word template saves time, stress

Graduate students can save up to 50 percent of their time formatting theses and dissertations by using the ETDR template, according to previous graduates who started using the template in the early stages of writing. The ETDR template is a customized Word document styled to meet the Graduate School’s formatting requirements, but it’s also a good tool to use when writing reports, term papers, and even journal articles (just strip out the template sections not needed).

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Major professors: Encourage grad students to start writing in the ETDR template

More than 40 percent of graduate students come to iTAC for individual help in formatting their electronic theses, dissertations, and reports (ETDRs). Many of these students visit us when they’ve completed their writing, and say their major professor told them they most now put their completed paper into the ETDR template. If you want to help your students focus on their research and the content of their paper, steer them toward using the ETDR template from the very beginning.

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Acronym Finder, a web-based reference tool

Some sites offer value not in sophisticated technologies but in how people come together to share knowledge. One of those sites offers fast references to acronyms. Acronym Finder may be accessed at www.acronymfinder.com.

Acronym Finder website

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