“Upload and store important files in your briefcase so you can access them anywhere, anytime, from any computer” says the Zimbra help information. That’s the big value of the Briefcase free storage space, which is available to all K-State students and faculty/staff in K-State Zimbra webmail.

screenshot of Briefcase feature in K-State Zimbra webmail

Many K-Staters routinely email documents to themselves as a backup measure. However, the Briefcase allows easy storing of files all in one place, without searching through emails for attachments. And they’re all in a central space that has daily backups.

Uploading files is as easy as clicking the Upload button, finding and selecting files to be stored, and clicking OK. Once uploaded, files can be organized into folders or left at the top level of the Briefcase.

screenshot of Upload button in Zimbra Briefcase

As shown above, folders can be created and color-coded in a Briefcase. Folders can also be assigned read/write permissions, which means files stored there can be shared selectively with other K-Staters.

For more information, see Zimbra Weekly: Briefcase and Documents features (Nov. 25, 2008) in InfoTech Tuesday.

Zimbra Weekly: Briefcase and Documents featuresZimbra Weekly: Briefcase and Documents features