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Soybean Pest Update

— by Dr. Jeff Whitworth, Dr. Holly Schwarting and J.R. Ewing

Green cloverworms have been causing considerable concern throughout the eastern 2/3rd’s of Kansas.  This has resulted in many acres treated to limit defoliation caused by these fragile little green and white striped worms.  Fungal-infected green cloverworms are also relatively common.  This fungus usually helps regulate green cloverworm populations, but remember, there is a lag time before the fungal infection decimates the larval populations, unlike an insecticide which usually works very quickly.

GCW fung

GCW defol


There are also a few yellowstriped armyworms still causing defoliation.  However, one yellowstriped armyworm larva collected in south east Kansas, brought into the lab appearing healthy, succumbed to a pathogen, probably a virus, within 3 days.  So, there are other factors working to help control many pest populations, i.e. fungal and viral pathogens.

YSAW viral


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