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Brownheaded Ash Sawfly (BHAS) Update

—Dr. Robert Bauernfeind

While I had not intended to follow the progress of BHAS as I have done in previous years, I can’t seem to drive past the “busy beavers” without stopping to have a look. And so, within the past week, pinhole feeding has progressed to the tattered-appearance phase. Like ETC and EPS, BHAS activities are about a week ahead of where they were in 2014.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 9.45.29 AM

And Still Talking About Ash Trees – Brownheaded Ash Sawflies

—by Dr. Bob Bauernfeind

Based on reports posted by Department of Entomology Diagnostician regarding her having received specimens of adult brownheaded ash sawfly, I went out to a site where ash trees have been heavily infested the past couple of years. And, they are back. Though from a distance all appears normal, upon closer look, “pinhole feeding” is underway. By enlarging the image, the still-wee-larvae responsible for the “nibble holes” can be easily seen.

To treat or no-to-treat becomes an individual’s decision. Should trees become defoliated, they will rapidly recover, producing a flush of new foliage.

Brownheaded Ash Sawflies

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