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Kansas Profile – Now That’s Rural: Mark Nutsch

Someone has to be the first. When the U.S. military enters an international conflict, some soldier has to be the first to lead his unit into combat. That soldier is like the tip of a dagger, bravely entering a life and death conflict. Today we’ll learn the

Mark Nutsch (center) and colleagues.

remarkable story of a young Kansas man who served his nation in this amazing way.

Mark Nutsch is the former commander of the first Green Beret unit which went in to Afghanistan after the bombing of 9-11. His harrowing and heroic true story would become a major motion picture.

Mark Nutsch grew up near Washington, Kansas. Today his family farms in Wabaunsee County near the rural community of Alma, population 783 people. Now, that’s rural.  Mark came to K-State where he joined the college rodeo team.

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