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Support the “Leadership for Life” 20th Anniversary Engagement Initiative

A Message from the Chair of the Engagement Initiative, Casey Carlson:

My name is Casey Carlson (Leadership Studies minor, class of 1998). I am an alumna and fervent supporter of the Staley School of Leadership Studies, and I am honored to serve as the chair of the School’s 20th year Engagement Initiative. The goal of the initiative is to demonstrate the support that our alumni and friends have for the work of the Staley School. On behalf of my family and the School, I ask you to ENGAGE.

While at K-State, and as a member of the first class to receive a leadership studies minor, I had the privilege to assist with the establishment of the leadership studies program, now recognized as the Staley School of Leadership Studies (SSLS). Through the generous support of Mary Lynn and Warren Staley, K-State alumni, and other donors, I have seen the school transform from 13 students learning leadership skills—working out of a home on Manhattan Avenue—to engaging with over 2,500 students and working in its own beautiful building on campus. The evolution of the Staley School was accomplished through the hard work and generosity of our alumni and friends on the School’s Advancement Council, which I had the privilege to serve on and lead. As you all know very well, the practical application of leadership studies and skills are used by each of us every day. I know that I use these skills daily in my work, community, and home to accomplish goals and develop those around me.

Over the past 20 years, we have built a strong foundation for the School. This foundation has served us well, but we need to continue to cultivate the School through increased engagement. Given our passion to learn and apply leadership, this 20-year anniversary presents an opportunity for all of us to come together, celebrate, and pay it forward to a school that we each connected with.

As such, I ask you to join me, and our fellow alumni and friends, by making a donation over the coming year to support and reconnect with OUR school. The focus of our initiative is on increasing the engagement of our alumni and friends, as we build support around the school and grow its capacity to continue developing leaders for tomorrow’s challenges. We will track the number of individual gifts received through the “Leadership for Life” fund. A gift, of any amount, will be seen as your commitment to fostering engagement. In addition, we will be celebrating your support at the annual Spirit of Leadership event to be held on Friday, November 10. Please mark your calendars.

We also look forward to celebrating our 20-year history through webinars, professional development and networking events, and alumni gatherings in different cities across the country (be sure to check out our video chat with Amanda Cebula on March 8!). To stay up to date on opportunities to connect, be sure to follow the Staley School on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or on our blog, “The Loop!”

Bill and I give to the school because seeing this program grow and develop aligns with our professional, personal, and family mission. I ask you to consider your history with the School, your personal credo, and your commitment to our mission. Please engage by making a donation, so that we may continue to develop knowledgeable, ethical, caring, inclusive leaders in this diverse and changing world.

With gratitude,
Casey Carlson

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