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Snyder Fellows Celebrate Outgoing and Incoming Classes

On April 1, the Staley School of Leadership Studies hosted the “Celebration of Snyder Fellows” event. Faculty, advisers, and both classes of Snyder Fellows gathered to honor the 2016-2017 outgoing class of Snyder Leadership Legacy Fellows and induct the new 2017-2018 class. Here’s a look at what the outgoing class has accomplished and an introduction to the newly-selected class.

Reflections from 2016-2017

The event was an opportunity for the 2016-2017 class to come together, celebrate their accomplishments throughout the year, reflect on their experiences, and be recognized for their participation. The outgoing class of Snyder Fellows have been busy and active throughout this year. In keeping with Coach Snyder’s mission and passion for youth mentorship and development, the Snyder Fellows engaged in a youth coaching partnership with Manhattan Parks and Recreation, received one-on-one leadership coaching from leadership studies faculty and partners from across campus, and focused on their own personal and leadership development through the lens of the “16 Goals for Success.”

One of the exciting opportunities highlighted during the Celebration of Snyder Fellows was participation at the 2016 Texas Bowl. Faculty members Marcia Hornung, Mike Finnegan, and Katie Meek traveled to Houston, Texas to support the K-State Football team and engage K-State fans, alumni, and friends in supporting the leadership legacy of Coach Snyder. The faculty was met by 10 Snyder Fellows (both current and former) and their friends and families throughout the week at various events.

Marcia Hornung and Mike Finnegan were invited by Coach Snyder to speak at the pep rally about the Snyder Fellows program. Partnering with the K-State Alumni Association and K-State Athletics, the faculty was able to represent Snyder Fellows program and attend the pep rally, visit the Alumni Association tailgate, travel to the “Houston Bowl Bash,” and attend various K-State Football alumni events. At these events, the Snyder Fellows program showcased our 16 Goals boards and had members of the K-State Family take pictures with the goal they most identified with, or the goal that was their favorite.

Photo of Doc Hardin, oldest living K-State Football player, and his wife who visited the Snyder Fellows booth in Houston.

Photos from the 2016 Texas Bowl in Houston

To see more photos from the Texas Bowl, check out the Snyder Fellows’ Facebook page.

Katie Meek, resident fellow for the Snyder Fellows program, said it is their hope is to continue this type of work going forward, with more student involvement and interaction.

“It’s a way for us to take the work we do within the Staley School of Leadership Studies and share it with the K-State Family,” said Meek. “Beyond that, we heard really powerful, profound stories from K-State fans about what the 16 Goals mean to them, and share those with our students so they can see the magnitude of Coach Snyder and the 16 Goals, within the K-State community.”

After taking a look at past events the 2016-2017 class met in group discussion to share shout-outs of their learning and experiences, as well as brag on some of their classmates.

K-State Football Coach Bill Snyder spoke during the event about his “16 Goals for Success.”

At the conclusion of the event, a “graduation” was held for the outgoing class and they received a certificate of their participation in the program at the conclusion of the event. There also was discussion between the different classes to share their experiences and connections to the 16 Goals and about the Snyder Fellows experience as a whole.

Bob Krause, one of the co-founders of the Snyder Fellows program, really placed importance upon the idea of “developing a family of leaders,” said Meek. “The Celebration of Snyder Fellows event welcomes in the new class, helps them to see what lies ahead of them in the next year, and helps them connect to those who came before them, and those who have a passion for leadership development.”

Photos from the “Celebration of Snyder Fellows” Event

To see more photos from the “Celebration of Snyder Fellows,” check out the Snyder Fellows’ Facebook page.

Introducing the 2017-2018 class  

The following Kansas State University students, who will all be 2017-2018 graduates, have been selected for the Snyder Leadership Legacy Fellows Program:

  • Deneisha Abercrombie from Raytown, MO
  • Makenzie Allisona from Andover
  • Ashley Anderson from Hickman, NE
  • Ty Brickell from Valley Falls
  • Hannah Carlgren from Newton
  • Alexander Carpenter from Kansas City, MO
  • Jamie Crawford from Wichita
  • Aubrey Davis from Scott City
  • Bryan Davis from Topeka
  • Zachary Doll from Norwich
  • Morgan Dreiling from Manhattan
  • Nick Edwards from Kansas City, MO
  • Andre Faison from Kansas City
  • Hannah Fowles from Lansing
  • Abigail Friesen from Colby
  • Monica Garcia from Topeka
  • Lara Hoss from Salina
  • Kevin Hurt from Olathe
  • Anne Jewell from Shawnee
  • Kenyanna Jones from Kansas City
  • Grady Kay from Boonville, MO
  • Corey Kirkpatrick from Leawood
  • Megan Kohman from Andover
  • Anna Kucera from Kansas City
  • Lauren Mertz from Overland Park
  • Emily Nine from Lansing
  • Madison Ogle from Spring Hill
  • Will Orth from Prairie Village
  • Jacob Peters from Kearney, MO
  • Jake Phillips from Basehor
  • Emily Polston from Olathe
  • Taylor Rand from Topeka
  • Kamerin Redmon-Evans from Wichita
  • Callie Reynolds from Olathe
  • Michael Schiferl from Colby
  • Tyler Strecker from Wichita
  • Tracie Thibault, from Salina
  • Tori Tummons from Kansas City
  • Miranda Watson from Kansas City, MO
  • Glenn Williams from Coppell, TX
  • Morgan Wolfe from Monument, CO

Also being introduced is the new Resident Fellow, Dominique Hoover. Hoover will take over the position from current Resident Fellow, Katie Meek.

“My time as the Resident Fellow has been incredible,” said Meek. “My appreciation for the Snyder Fellows team and the Staley School faculty has increased tenfold as I have received a behind-the-scenes look at the immense amount of passion, dedication, work, and sometimes even blood, sweat, and tears they put into their roles, the programs, and most importantly, the students.”

“As I continue to learn more about Coach Bill Snyder and his family, I’m even more thankful that we have his leadership here at K-State and that his legacy is being shared with these Snyder Fellows. The story and legacy of the transformation he brought to the K-State football program, the K-State community, and to Manhattan as a whole will far outlive his time on the sidelines, as it will go with our now 120 Snyder Fellows Family wherever they go.”

Future Events

The 2017-2018 class of Snyder Fellows will kick off their year by hosting a tailgate at the Spring Football game on April 22. That evening, Snyder Fellows will be hosting a showing of the documentary “The Miracle in Manhattan” about “The Foundation” of Coach Snyder’s K-State football program here at the Staley School of Leadership Studies for current Snyder Fellows and their families.

In May, Snyder Fellows will attend a two-day intensive retreat. They will get to dive deeply into Coach Snyder’s leadership philosophy, the 16 Goals for Success, and the legacy he has left the K-State community and beyond.

If you would like more information about participating in the program or supporting the legacy, contact Marcia Hornung at hornung@ksu.edu.

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