New Job(s?)

Spring of my Junior year has arrived a lot sooner than I was expecting!  With it comes new experiences and opportunities, and I’ve been doing my best to take advantage.  I’ve just recently started working as a bartender at Tubby’s Sports Bar in Aggieville.  It’s been challenging, but I’m starting to get a hold of it!  Although it’s a little late, I’ve been applying for Summer internships in KC and Manhattan.  I’ll hopefully know in the next couple weeks where I’ll be staying this summer.  I’ll be teaching College Algebra Labs again next Fall, and I just figured out that I won’t be teaching/taking any classes on Friday!  College is super expensive, but K-State and Manhattan have great resources to find part-time employment that works with your school schedule!

Everything else is moving right along as well.  We just selected the new class of Chimes Junior Honorary.  Their first meeting will be next week, and it’s crazy to think about my time in Chimes being almost over!  K-State’s Open House is this weekend, so I’ll be there Saturday for Business Ambassadors.  The following weekend is my Fraternity’s Formal in Kansas City, as well as the Honors Program Banquet.  I’m staying busy as always, and there’s only like five weeks left until finals!  Until next time, go Cats!

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Honors Business Field Trip to KC!

I can go ahead and add another awesome experience to the giant list of them that I’ve been afforded thanks to the University Honors Program.  Last week, seven Honors Business students and I got to go visit the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City.  During our time at the Fed, we got a tour of the whole facility, learned about the economic impact that it has on the United States, and gained insights as to employment opportunities they have.  Here’s some crazy numbers for you: the vault at any given time has $20-$40 BILLION dollars stored in it; they are one of only twelve Federal Reserves in the country; and they destroy over $4,000,000 every day due to currency unfit for circulation!  I told them that I would be happy to help them get rid of all of that money, so they gave me this:

I guess I wasn’t the first person to ask!  Here’s a cool picture of the outside:

After our visit to the Fed, the Honors Program got us lunch in the Power and Light District.  Once we were done gorging ourselves with delicious food, we heading over to the Legends to get a tour of Sporting Park!  It was a truly incredible day in Kansas City – one that I’ll never forget.  I’ll leave you with some sweet pictures from the stadium tour and a reminder to join the University Honors Program!

Answering some tough interview questions!

Sporting KC’s incredible locker room!

Down on the pitch, sitting on the team bench!

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We Did It!

The Cats finally beat KU in basketball, and I can finally mark it off of the “things that need to happen before I graduate” checklist.  Although I wasn’t able to be at the game (and also not able to storm the court), I was still able to watch it all and cheer on the Cats with some friends.  The picture below pretty much sums up the excitement that still resonates around the entire K-State community:

(Photo Courtesy of Katie Omo)

I know it’s been a while since my last post – still keeping busy!  The semester is off to a great start, and it’s really been going quick.  I’m taking 13 hours, and guess who doesn’t have any Monday or Friday classes!  Can you say four day weekends?!  This past week we had two snow days, so it was more like a six day weekend for me!  I’m starting to work on my Honors Research Project, and I think I’ve got an idea in mind for what to do.  I’m the newly elected President of the Honors Executive Board, and I’m in the process of applying for Blue Key and Mortar Board.  Chimes is wrapping up, and we’re beginning the recruiting process for next years’ class.  It should be another busy semester but with no Friday or Monday classes, and not teaching anymore, I’ll be able to manage I’m sure!  I’m still in shock of what happened with the game last night, and I’m about to be late to class.  I’ll leave you with this deep thought: GO CATS!!!!

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Fall Break

It’s been a while since my last post; time has literally escaped me with how busy I’ve been since I got back from Boston.  Since my last post I’ve: had four tests, three group projects, about a hundred meetings, two date parties, taught 52 algebra class periods, BEEN TO BOSTON, tutored two friends in College Algebra, narrowed down the national search for a new Honors Director to three candidates, interviewed all three, assisted in several recruiting events for K-State and the College of Business, watched the Cats regain the season with some big wins, and managed to sleep for a few hours here and there.  I’ve got three tests next week before I get to head home for Fall Break, but then I’ll finally be able to catch up on some sleep and see Roxie!

My trip to Boston was one of the greatest experiences that I’ve had so far at K-State.  Through the University Honors Program, I was able to go on the trip with almost all expenses paid.  We stayed at a really nice hotel on the north side of the city.  The city alone was incredible, but we were also allowed the opportunity to go to places like Harvard, MIT, Fenway Park, Mass Port, and more!  It was just another amazing opportunity I was able to take advantage of through the Honors Program.  It’s reasons like that why I’m such a huge proponent of the program!  Here are some great pics from the trip:

Flying in over the harbor

An amazing church, right in the heart of the city

Behind the scenes tour at Fenway Park!

The School of Engineering and Architecture at MIT

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It’s hard to believe, but we’re already in the sixth week of school here!  I know that I say it every time, but time flies at K-State!  I’ve been keeping busy like always; I had my first three tests of the year last week, and I got a 96, an 86, and a 95!  I’m counting down the days until I head to Boston (16 if you were curious).  We’re revamping how things work at Chimes meetings, and I think they’ll start being a lot more beneficial and interactive for all of our members.  I got to go hang out with the Silver Key members at the annual Sleep Out for the Homeless, and it seemed like it went pretty well for them.  Although I wasn’t able to attend this year, the University-wide Career Fair was last week.  Lots of guys in my house went and had a pretty successful couple days there.  We’re still working on getting the Honors Program more recognized and prestigious, and I think it’s going well.  We’re focusing on opportunities that are presented to the Honors students, and there are so many of them it’s hard to count!  This weekend I got to go to the Chiefs game in Kansas City!  We had great seats for a great game, and afterwards I got to go home and see Roxie!  I’ll leave you with a couple pictures from this weekend.

8th row seats at Arrowhead!

My pledge dad was in town! (Also fellow blogger, Ryan Knight)

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As promised, an entire post of just pictures – enjoy!

On the field at the first game! 3MAW!

 Collage from an awesome mountain bike ride!

Working with Chimes’ incredible VP, Caroline Toler!

Family of the Year!

Statue of the one and only, Bill Snyder!

Amazing view from the top of the new West Stadium Upgrade!

Always missing my Roxie pup! :(

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Going to Boston!!!

I just found out on Friday that I got picked to go on a trip to Boston with the University Honors Program, and I’m soooo excited!  It’s an all-expense paid trip (another awesome reason to be involved with the Honors Program), and we’re leaving a month from tomorrow!  During the trip we’ll get to see a forum at Harvard, see behind the scenes at Seaport and Massport, find out about the business and science side of a pharmaceutical company, and check out one of the most historic cities in the United States!  I don’t know if I’ve ever been so excited for anything in my entire life, and I know a couple people that are going on the trip as well.

Finding out about the trip was a great capstone to a great week.  We started a big project in my leadership class involving Habitat for Humanity, Professional Advantage started on Tuesday and I was able to work the event for Business Ambassadors as well as see the lecture, I participated in a research study for extra credit in one of my classes, learned about some nationally renowned scholarships that I am going to apply for, got a tour of the new football stadium upgrades (SO COOL), caught up with Dr. Bosco briefly in a meeting, became the Vice President of the Honors Exec Board, and got about a hundred things done on my day off on Friday.  I’m still staying busy, but it hasn’t been quite as busy as it was the first couple of weeks.  I’ve got a lot going on this week, including several meetings, two tests, a few big assignments, and it’s Slab week for my fraternity.  I promise pictures are coming soon; once we get it all figured out I’ll have an entire post of just pictures!

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Tips for Starting Off Strong

The first few weeks of a school year can make or break what the entire year is going to be like for you, and after teaching Freshmen for a few weeks and talking to some of the new guys in the house, I’ve come up with a few ideas to make the year great!

  • Get organized, and quick!  I have every meeting, test date, homework assignment, and random other things I need to do plugged into my phone.  Without that and constant checking of KSU Webmail, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish half the things I need to.  Getting an app on your phone or a planner can help you stay on top of all the different things you’ve got going on!
  • Use your time wisely.  Although there’s not a ton of stuff to do during the first few weeks of school, using your time wisely can save a lot of stress.  Whenever I have a break between classes or meetings, I try to stay on campus and get caught up with my emails and homework assignments.  I’m trying not to procrastinate as much this year, and I think I might get to actually sleep every once in a while!
  • Don’t fall off your bike into poison ivy — enough said.
  • Make new friends and connections!  The beginning of the year is a perfect time to meet people in your classes, in your house/dorm, and on campus in general.  Finding new friends and connections can make the year a lot more fun, and it can also lead to more success and a stronger feeling of belonging at K-State.
  • Find a good balance between fun and work.  It’s easy to do way too much of either, but finding the right balance for you can make your year go by incredibly well.  Don’t spend all your time with your nose in your books, but also don’t spend all your time playing video games or partying.  Remember that school is the reason you’re here, but also remember you’re about to have the most fun four or five years of your entire life!

I hope these tips will help you all out with your time at K-State!  The Cats won this past weekend, and I’ve been staying busy.  I’m still having a little trouble with pictures, but hopefully this weekend I’ll have updates for you with lots of pictures!

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First Week

Week number one of the semester has  already come and gone, and it was one of the most intense weeks of my entire life!  It was fun being back in Manhattan for a while before everything started, but reality hit me square in the face on Sunday afternoon.  I was able to hear about half of the Sorority Serenades, and then I had three meetings that night and might as well have just slept on campus since I was there so much during the week!  I started teaching classes on Monday, and it went really well.  I think I’m going to enjoy teaching a lot this semester, and it’s a great part-time job!  I had a ton of meetings all week for Chimes, the Honors Program, Business Ambassadors, the Athletic Board, and more.  It was all jam packed into Sunday-Thursday though, so I finally got to relax on my class-less Fridays!

It’s been great getting back into the swing of things here in Manhattan.  I’ve gotten a chance to get to know some of the new guys in the house, and they seem like a great group.  We’ve got a new food service now that is sooooo good!  I’ve got new classes and new positions, and I’m just pumped up for this semester of new things!  We experienced something new on Friday night as well, a home opening loss to a team the Cats should have beat.  I don’t really like talking about it; it just makes me sad :(   But, I did get an opportunity to go down on the field to be recognized for a scholarship.  We got to throw t-shirts into the crowd too, and it was awesome!  I’m having some technical difficulties with the pictures right now, but I’ll be sure to post some as soon as I can!

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Back in Manhattan!

Summer has flown by before my eyes, and I’ve now found myself back in Manhattan with classes starting on Monday!  I had a great Summer, but I’m really excited to be back.  I spent most of June in Manhattan working for the Honors Program for Orientation and Enrollment.  I expected K-State to be pretty dead during the Summer, but there were a ton of people here!  The rest of my Summer was spent traveling and counting down the days until I moved back in to the house.  I’ve been back for a few days now, getting settled in and helping the new members settle in as well.  I just realized how much there is to do before classes start, including: preparing for my Teaching Assistant position for college algebra labs, selecting the Chimes’ K-State Family of the Year, training for Business Ambassadors, training the Honors Ambassadors, fundraising for Chimes, starting the process of finding a new Honors Director, meetings almost every day for the previously mentioned items, and about a hundred other things.

This semester I’ll be taking a nice variety of classes.  I’m enrolled in a Leadership class on Mondays that should be really interesting, as well as Accounting in Finance, Employment Law, and an upper-level Management class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  It shouldn’t be my toughest semester, but I’ll also be teaching college algebra labs Monday-Thursday.  That’s right, NO FRIDAY CLASSES!!! The Cats and Bill Snyder kick off the football season next Friday night, and I can’t wait!  The new stadium looks incredible (picture soon to come).  I’m going to get to be down on the field for the first two games at some point; maybe you’ll see me on TV!  Until next time, GO CATS!

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