My Five Favorite Restaurants in Manhattan

Moving from the Kansas City area to Manhattan, one of the things I was worried about was what I would do in my spare time.  Trying new restaurants has always been one of my favorite things to do, but I was concerned Manhattan would not have much to offer. I could not have been more wrong! This post is dedicated to my top five favorite restaurants in Manhattan. I tried to pick a variety of cuisines and price ranges. I also suggest my favorite dish from each – dig in!

5. Coco Bolo’s: This tex-mex restaurant has delicious food and a great atmosphere. It also boasts different specials every night of the week. Plus you can eat inside or outside, with the outdoors being screened in for colder months. My Favorite: Tijuana Trainwreck (you’re intrigued already, aren’t you?)






4. Happy Valley Chinese Restaurant: This is a hidden secret in Manhattan. It closed temporarily and moved locations, but its reopening was one of the greatest things to happen to Manhattan. The food is amazing and incredibly fresh! Everything you order from entrees, to soup, rice, crab rangoon, and egg rolls comes out piping hot, as they are made to order. Recently it started delivering, so I see some Chinese food in my future. My Favorite: Moo goo gai pan with steamed rice and egg drop soup.







3. Kite’s Bar and Grill: A Manhattan tradition, this bar and grill never disappoints. It is filled with big screen TVs with smaller screens at booths, so you can watch the big game while you eat. Not to mention it is home to the legendary cookie bake: a semi-baked chocolate chip cookie topped with ice cream and chocolate syrup. Your mouth is watering, isn’t it? My Favorite: Blue Ribbon Rueben with curly fries.





2. Harry’s: This is definitely a special occasion restaurant. While it is one of (if not the) nicest restaurant in Manhattan, the food is beyond worth it. Every year around Christmas a group of friends and I have a Christmas party here. We do a gift exchange where you cannot spend more than five dollars. This way we can spend money on a nice dinner instead. The goal is to discover the funniest gift. For example, one year someone received a paper mache cat. My Favorite: Meatloaf with garlic smashed potatoes and asparagus.






1. Early Edition: This breakfast/brunch/lunch restaurant is locally owned and always provides amazing service. Every time my boyfriend comes to visit Manhattan we eat here, and regardless of what time it is we order breakfast. With two locations on each side of town, it is definitely worth visiting on your next trip to Manhattan. My Favorite: The West Coast skillet with scrambled eggs and an english muffin.







I hope you are able to visit one of my top five the next time you are in Manhattan! If you do, I promise they will not disappoint! Do you have any local favorites?



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