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ITS Reorganization Status – January 2020

UpdatesIT Team,

Happy New Year everyone! I hope it was a restful and enjoyable holiday break.

It has been a while and I wanted to reach out again to share where we are in the first phase of the IT reorganization. We heard feedback regarding the October 2nd message about it being a bit overwhelming and there being a whole lot of reading involved, so will try to be a bit more streamlined this time around and only hit on progress and near term next steps. Let’s hope for the best ;-):

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One IT Gathering: Strategic Doing – January 28

Save the datePlease join us for the One IT tactical planning session. Based on the Strategic Doing approach, teams will work on topics selected from the IT Strategic Plan and other initiatives identified in recent months. The Strategic Doing approach is intended to help form collaborations quickly to develop measurable outcomes and an adjustable path to reach those outcomes.

  • Date: January 28
  • Time: 1:00-4:00 pm
  • Location: Union Ballroom

Watch for information regarding registration and pre-work.

In with Digital Transformation, Out with Enterprise Architecture!

With a new year and a new decade comes new thoughts. Among those thoughts are refining the value of enterprise architecture using language that is more broadly understood. Digital Transformation (Dx) has emerged as that value proposition.

Dx defined by EDUCAUSE:

In the context of sweeping social, economic, technological, and demographic changes, digital transformation (Dx) is a series of deep and coordinated culture, workforce, and technology shifts that enable new educational and operating models and transform an institution’s operations, strategic directions, and value proposition.

Enterprise architecture serves not only to facilitate that transformation, but align and document to enable an effective and continuous transformation. To learn more check out the EDUCAUSE Dx site, www.educause.edu/dx. I like EDUCAUSE’s 7 Things You Should Know About Digital Transformation, a two-page overview that is a quick read.

Years ago, my dentist asked what I did and I responded, “I’m an enterprise architect.” At every appointment he’d asked what building I was working on. I never could clearly explain what an enterprise architect does. I’ve got a new dentist now. Maybe I should tell him I’m a digital transformer. I wonder how that will go?

One IT Gathering will Focus on Tactical Planning

One IT imageOn January 28, the One IT quarterly meeting will focus on updating tactical plans for objectives listed in the IT Strategic Plan through June 2021. Last January, more than 125 people turned out to roll up their sleeves to develop a tactical plan for IT activities through June 2020.

Small teams focused on 13 objectives selected by extended IT leadership from the 30 objectives in the IT Strategic Plan, and our One IT culture. Teams worked to refine the objectives and activities as needed, develop problem statements, consider business impacts, and identify dependencies and stakeholders. Those results were used to identify projects and resource requirements intended to go before a forming Project Governance Committee (PGC) for prioritization. Although PGC formulation was delayed, several projects started immediately.

Tackling so many objectives was a lot to take on. Extended IT leadership recently reviewed the 13 objectives, making some changes, and now we’re getting ready for the January 28 IT tactical planning effort. And, as a result of feedback from last year’s session, small teams will draft materials prior to the session so participants can have more time to discuss the drafts during the planning session.

Watch for the announcement for the time and location of the One IT quarterly meeting. All are welcome to participate, learn about the IT tactical plans, and network with IT colleagues across K-State.

Strategic Doing

Some IT staff may recall participating in the 21st Annual Leadership Seminar on Strategic Doing, which was offered in 2017. Strategic Doing is “a strategy discipline that is lean, agile and fast”. It involves forming teams quickly, devising innovative solutions and evaluating using measurable outcomes. IT will be using Strategic Doing to develop the tactical plans for the IT Strategic Plan. To prepare and learn more about the process, the following are some resources:

Evaluating IT service delivery using processing mapping

One of the goals in the IT Strategic Plan is to evaluate IT service delivery. In preparation for this goal, to better understand services, and to evaluate interdependencies, iTAC embarked on the process mapping of services and processes.

Process maps show work flow, actors (contributors and customers), activities (tasks), and decision points. Once the process is graphically depicted, the team can analyze the information with an eye to optimize services, remove inefficiencies or waste within the process. The process maps are also used to train new staff on work flow such as how to manage a phishing scam or creating an eID and how it flows through IT.  Continue reading “Evaluating IT service delivery using processing mapping”