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Using Apps to Help You Save Money

Buying things online is now easier than doing it in person and we are moving that way quicker than we know it. Downloading apps can help you save a lot of money as a college student and is something I take advantage of whenever and wherever I can. There are apps for just about every business you can think of and many of them offer deals and rewards. Some of them will give you a reward for just downloading the app itself. It’s very easy, it saves money, and can even saves you time. Everyone knows that “time is money”. I will be giving some practical tips and ideas on how you can save money and time by using apps.

  • Download Fast Food Apps
    • You won’t have to wait for your order to be made after already waiting in line, it will be made when you schedule your pickup.
    • Many fast food restaurants will allow you to earn points with every purchase, once you gather enough points you earn rewards, like a free meal or drink.
    • They also give deals from time to time where you can get free or discounted items.
  • Use Grocery Store Pickup
    • Using the Store Pickup feature that most grocery stores now offer can help you save.
    • If you’re anything like me, you will buy unnecessary things when you are walking through the store and shopping. By using the app you can get the specific things you need, without all the temptations the grocery store has inside.
    • This also saves you the time by not having to walk through the store to try to find the products you need or want.
  • Use Online Marketplaces
    • Utilizing online markets like Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, Shopify, EBay, and others are great ways to find deals on almost anything you can think of.
    • You can find a lot of nice deals online for things that people no longer need or have upgraded from.
    • Online marketplaces could provide you with the products you need for a used price.

Although there are many ways to save money, these are some of the best ways that I have found and have worked for me throughout my college career.

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