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Blog Extra! Get prepared: Build a kit

September is National Preparedness Month. It is also the month of the K-State Research and Extension annual Prepare Kansas online challenge. Prepare Kansas 2016 focuses on keeping food safe in emergency situations. This year’s program will be conducted through the K-State Research and Extension Facebook page. No registration is required, so Kansans and anyone interested in planning ahead for emergencies can follow on Facebook and this blog at any time during September, pick up handy information and interact with K-State extension specialists and agents.

Get prepared by building a kit that includes food, water, and medical supplies for at least 3 days. Click on the graphic below to link to information on building an emergency food kit. Be sure to include a manual can opener and eating utensils!

Graphic shows icons of food, water, luggage and a first aid kit. It reads, "Build a kit. Include enough food, water and medical supplies for your needs in your emergency kit to last for at least 72 hours."

Don’t wait — communicate

The Prepare Kansas online challenge* takes place each year during September.  September is also National Preparedness Month (NPM). The month finishes big on September 30 with a national day of action, National PrepareAthon! Day.

National Preparedness Month 2015
National Preparedness Month 2015

One of the challenge tasks for Week 1 is to complete a family or workplace communication plan to use in the event of a disaster and communicate the details with everyone who needs to know about it.

If you aren’t sure what to include in your plan, check out this information and the resources at

We’ve also posted some helpful links here on the blog.

* There is still time! Take steps ahead of disaster and register by September 6 at