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Grab-and-Go — box, kit, backpack?

When it comes to creating your Grab-and-Go kit, a waterproof, fireproof container that can be taken with you at a moments notice is a good choice. Store it in a secure place in your home that you can easily access if you have only a few moments to evacuate.

What are you using for a grab-and-go kit? Share your ideas for container in the comments!

Greensburg, KS | Photo by Greg Henshall - May 15, 2007

4 thoughts on “Grab-and-Go — box, kit, backpack?
  1. One thing Red Cross encourages is that if you have babies or small children that you include supplies they may need–including a security stuffed animal/blanket and some books or toys to keep them engaged if dealing with disaster. For the financial records, consider putting a copy of each document that shows account # & contact info, plus a photo id(anything will do!) in the to-go box and also if you have it, a safety deposit box. your insurance agency may also be willing to “hold” a copy of your inventory (CD,paper,Thumb drive,flash drive)at their office in addition to the one you place in your safe place! Hardest part (other than figuring out how to inventory those collectibles!) is remembering to change the water and food you put into your to-go box periodically!

  2. Living in the country, we have also included a whistle in case we need to get first responder attention! Our flashlight has a nifty red flasher built in.

    Does anyone have ideas on how to “safeguard” pets? One thing I thought was that getting pictures and with dogs at least, copies of tags, would help with identifying if they are running loose. But horses? Maybe copies of bill of sale and Coggins in the financial go-bag??

    1. Your idea of bill of sale is a good one. You can also do like I did and make a credit card sized “I.D” I put a picture, name, breed, and age on front. On the back you can put any distinguishing features (markings, scars, whirls, act.) Another idea is to just get a copy of the forms they have for 4-H and use that, it has the same type of information. I suggest doing one of these not just as a precaution for disaster but its a good way to show ownership if someone were to try to steal an animal. 🙂

      Another thing I know some horse people in tropical storm areas do is put a tag on the horse’s halter with owner contact info and write their phone number on the horse’s body with livestock chalk or maker on the hooves. The only problem is that tags can come off and chalk or marker can get wiped off or covered with dirt. But it’s still better than nothing and if they get out it’s one more precaution that may help get them returned sooner.

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