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Creating a financial Grab-and-Go kit — what to include?

Briefcase by Simple Icons from The Noun Project

Not sure what to include in your financial grab-and-go kit? These items are a good start.

• Identification and other key documents that may be needed to restore your financial records, including copies of your driver’s license, passports, social security cards

• Insurance cards, policies, or other proof of insurance coverage

• Household inventory

• Immunization records

• Bank account numbers, cash

• Copies (front and back) of ATM, debit, and credit cards

• Phone numbers and account information for all financial service and insurance providers

• Important telephone numbers (family members, doctors, veterinarians)

• Names and prescription numbers for medications

• Safe deposit box key

• Pocket notebook and pen or pencil

If the following items are not kept in a safe deposit box, these should also be kept in your grab-and-go box. It is a good idea to make copies of safe deposit box contents in case the originals are damaged by water.

• Family records (birth, marriage, death certificates)

• Will, contracts, deeds, stocks, and bonds

• Titles to vehicles

Grab-and-Go — box, kit, backpack?

When it comes to creating your Grab-and-Go kit, a waterproof, fireproof container that can be taken with you at a moments notice is a good choice. Store it in a secure place in your home that you can easily access if you have only a few moments to evacuate.

What are you using for a grab-and-go kit? Share your ideas for container in the comments!

Greensburg, KS | Photo by Greg Henshall - May 15, 2007