Prepare Kansas

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Heat waves are prolonged periods of excessive heat, often with excessive humidity:

Extreme heat makes the body work extra hard to maintain a normal temperature. Stay indoors as much as possible and limit exposure to the sun. Dress in loose-fitting, lightweight, and light-colored clothes. Avoid dark colors because they absorb the sun’s rays. Drink plenty of water, even if you don’t feel thirsty.

Check on family, friends, and neighbors who do not have air conditioning and who spend much of their time alone. Don’t forget about your pets. Share these tips from the Humane Society to keep pets safe in the heat:

Listen to local weather forecasts to prepare for extreme heat. Be prepared.

Gather and Organize Important Records

Do you have all the documents and digital copies you need to protect yourself after a disaster? Two actions you can take now are:

K-State Research and Extension’s Our Valuable Records publication is a great starting point for listing and organizing valuable records such as receipts, documentation, proofs of ownership, and pieces of identification that may be necessary to collect insurance, pension, or retirement benefits; to receive military compensation; and to solve tax or inheritance problems.

Collecting and organizing this information now can help #insurance claims in the event of a disaster. Store your information in a waterproof, fireproof container. Take this action now and protect yourself later.