Kansas State University



Phishing Scam – 6/28/2018 – Please choose to read or not

Reply-to with bitcoins type of scam.

Subject: Tiскеt#93019003: <*******@ksu.edu> 28.06.2018 09:00:52 Please choose to read or not
I hope you actually don’t care about my language grammar, since im from Germany. I contaminated your system with a trojan and im in possession of your private data out of your computer system.
It previously was installed on an adult web page after which you have selected the online video,  it, my application instantly gain access to your system.
Then, your cam documented you hand partying, also i caught a movie that you have looked at.
Immediately after a short while it also pulled out your social contact list. If you want me to remove your everything i currently have – transfer me 470 us in bitcoin it’s a cryptocurrency. It is my btc wallet transfer address : 18jnvz3WZ8Fc2Dom8vMFBCRD9j8wKdQexL
Now you will have 27 hrs. to decide Immediately after i will get the transfer i am going to get rid of this video and every little thing thoroughly. In any other case, you should be certain that this evidence is going to be sent to all of your friends.