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Brown Patch on Tall Fescue

By: Ward Upham

(Article from June 30th, 2020 Horticulture e-Newsletter)

We have been receiving numerous reports of brown patch showing up on tall fescue. This disease is favored by warm night temperatures and extended periods of leaf wetness. If you go outside in the morning and the lawn is covered with dew and the temperature is in the high 60s or higher, it means that conditions are getting right for brown patch. The fungus is primarily a leaf pathogen and does not attack the roots. During severe outbreaks, the fungus may invade the lower leaf sheaths and crown and kill plants. But in most cases, the turfgrass can recover from brown patch. This recovery may take two to three weeks, depending on weather. To read more, visit the Horticulture e-Newsletter: https://hnr.k-state.edu/extension/info-center/newsletters/2020/June30_2020_26.pdf