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Kick it in the tuber – yellow nutsedge control!

(By Jared Hoyle, KSU Turfgrass Research and Extension)

Slide1Last year about this time I posted about yellow nutsedge control in home lawns and just in case you missed it here is the link;

Revisiting Yellow Nutsedge Control in Home Lawns

But for all you commercial turfgrassmanagers today’s nutsedge control blog is for you.  There are many herbicides available for control but there are some things to do before you apply herbicides and those are making sure that the turf has a healthy environment to grow.  Sometimes that is easier said than done.  If you can improve drainage and compaction that would increase the health of the turf and help out compete yellow nutsedge.


If using a herbicide application timing is critical.  During mid summer yellow nutsedge starts making tubers and if you apply herbicides before tuber production you will get better control.  If you wait until the yellow nutsedge is big and starting to make tubers then you will be playing catch-up all year. So sooner is better.  Don’t wait for it to get too big.

Here are some options for yellow nutsedge control;

  • sulfentrazone
  • halosulfuron
  • iodosulfuron
  • mesotrione
  • bentazon
  • triflozysulfuron
  • flazasulfuron
  • sulfosulfuron

There are many different products out there that contain these active ingredients so just make sure you have an active ingredient that has yellow nutsedge control!

****Always remember to READ THE LABEL for the correct rate, turfgrass tolerance, and specific instructions before application.****

***Mention of trade names or commercial products in this article is solely for identification purposes and does not imply recommendation or endorsement, nor is criticism implied of similar products not mentioned by Kansas State University.***

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