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Reeves and Alderman Place 2nd & 3rd in KSU Research Forum!

(By Jared Hoyle; KSU Turfgrass Research and Extension)

ImageWe would like to congratulate KSU Turfgrass Graduate Students, Jake Reeves and Evan Alderman for placing 2nd and 3rd in the K-State Graduate Research Forum Competition.  Jake Reeves placed 2nd in the Agriculture Poster Session and Evan Alderman placed 3rd in the Agriculture Oral Session.

Yesterday KSU Turfgrass Graduate Students, Ross Braun, Jake Reeves and Evan Alderman participate in the the 2015 K-State Research Forum.  Sponsored by The Graduate Student Council, KSU Graduate School, Offices of the President and Provost and Sigma Xi, the K-State Research Forum allows all graduate students across the university to compete in oral and poster presentation competitions about research they are conducting during their graduate career. The titles listed below represented the turfgrass graduate students that participated in the forum.

ENHANCING WINTER AESTHETICS OF ZOYSIAGRASS WITH COLORANTS     Ross Braun, Jack Fry, Megan Kennelly, Dale Bremer, and Jason Griffin

BERMUDAGRASS CONTROL WITH GLYPHOSATE, FLUAZIFOP, AND MESOTRIONE FOR SPRING RENOVATION                                                            Jacob A. Reeves, Jared A. Hoyle, and Cole S. Thompson

INFLUENCE OF NITROGEN FERTILIZER SOURCE AND RATE ON BUFFALOGRASS DIVOT RECOVERY                                                                                        Evan J. Alderman, Jared A. Hoyle, Jack D. Fry, and Steve J. Keeley

Job well done to all the participants in the K-State Graduate Research Forum!