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Emily Interview

Emily is one of our newer trainers at the rec. Read more to find out her opinions on dieting, her advice on pre/post-workout fuel, and much more.

SN: “When did you start working here at the rec?”

EK: “I started at the beginning of October this year.”

SN: “And what made you decide to work at the rec?”

EK: “I wanted to work here because it aligned with the K-State school schedule, rather than a gym that wouldn’t understand my school schedule. Most places also require a year of prior experience.”

SN: “What is your major?”

EK: “I’m a nutrition and health major.”

SN: “What would you like to do with your major? Where would you like to end up working after you graduate?”

EK: “Job-wise, athletic training, but I am planning to pursue my masters degree.”

SN: “You currently have an internship, right? Can you talk about that a bit?”

EK: “Right now, I intern at Veneer K-State Athletics. I work with all teams and I have learned so much.”

SN: “Do you plan to continue personal training?”

EK: “For next few years, I think I will stick with personal training. In the future, if I can do it on the side I would, not as my main job though.”

SN: “When will you graduate from K-State?”

EK: “I am graduating this May of 2019. But I am taking a gap year between that and my Masters.”

SN: “Has your becoming a personal trainer/nutrition major affected your family or friends?”

EK: “I come from a family that is fit and active, so that’s how I become active. I always knew I wanted to work with sports and athletes, but not what I wanted to do with it. I didn’t know a direct path, but I wanted to work with sports. My friends ask for help a lot.”

SN: “Have you always been active then, growing up?”

EK: “Yes, I have always been crazy active. I can’t sit still, I always want to be doing some type of activity. I played volleyball and softball growing up, and I played for K-State club volleyball. It was a big time commitment though. I also did Co-ed softball intramurals too.”

SN: “What is your favorite form of movement?”

EK: “Weights and strength training are my favorite forms of movement. It’s what my body responds to the most.”

SN: “What is an example of a workout you do?”

EK: “I do a warmup on the stair master or something, and on a leg day, glute activation stuff, then resistance training with weights, then HIIT or sprints on treadmill.”

SN: “What are some mistakes you see people commonly making when it comes to fitness and nutrition?”

EK: “The big thing is proper pre and post-workout fuel for training. People just don’t know.”

SN: “What would you recommend for pre and post-workout fuel?”

EK: “I would recommend something high in carbs and low in protein before the workout. Maybe a bagel, banana, or waffle, 30 min to hour before the workout. After, drink a protein shake within 30 min and then water.”

EK: “I also take fish oil every day. I always take pre-workout or drink BCAA while working out. Other than that, I don’t take anything that speeds up the heart.”

EK: “Another mistake I see commonly, is protein intake going wrong. Either way too much or not enough.”

SN: “Do you have any opinions on all of the fad diets?”

EK: “Not a fan of the Keto diet. You need carbs to sustain your energy and brain function. Another is intermittent fasting. Anything that messes up homeostasis I am not a fan of. Most diets are not meant to be done for long periods of time. If they are, then your body will be so confused.”

SN: “How many clients do you have, and what have you been working on with them?”

EK: “I have two clients. We’ve been doing resistance training because they want to gain muscle mass.”

SN: “What is the hardest part of personal training for you?”

EK: “Pushing them to their limits is a hard thing for me.”







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